Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Beginners are many but enders are few"

Happy P-day everyone!! I can't believe time has gone so fast. We are on week three and week six is only two days, so we're practically out of here already.

Never eat the Doritos in Mexico. No matter how much all you want to do is eat something that tastes like home, they will never taste like home. They are nasty.

Hermana Turner and I were destined to be companions. We work really well together. And when the sister training leaders asked me at the of our interview if they could do anything for me I said they could get me some real doritos. When they asked Hermana Turner at the end of her interview she said they could get more ice cream in the comedor. We share a lot of the same priorities. Also, when she said she doesn't like running, I corrected her and said No me gusta running, to which she replied, No me gusta your face. We get along really well. 

Although I think YOLO is super dumb it has inspired something in Hermana and I. YOAMO You Are Only A Missionary Once. As in, should we challenge them to be baptized tonight? Yeah, YOAMO.

There is a reason I am was called spanish speaking. Hermana Saylin and I were discussing that if we could give our lessons in English we wouldn't even really need to prepare, we would just go give an amazing lesson. Then she told me something I really needed to hear, "\that's why we were called spanish speaking. We need to learn to rely on the Lord." I needed to be humbled. I can't learn spanish without Him.

Mi distrito instead of singing a different hymn everyday like normal people we like to sing Jesus es Mi Luz everyday in class just to be funny. Also, the Hermanas and I like to sing it on the way home at night, but we don't know the words and we don't have hymn books on us while we walk so we sing like this, "jesus es mi luz. Jesuus es mi luz, jesuus es luuz, jesuus es mi luz, jesus es mi luz... mi gozo es, y conción, jesus es mi luz. Jesus es mi luuz, mi luz." 

At one point today I was wearing my mint green skinny jeans and a Utah State t-shirt. I felt great! I hadn't worn jeans in two and a half weeks.

On Sunday we a had a devotional from the CCM director and it was amazing. He told the story of when he opened his mission call 12 years ago to Chile Concepción. When he opened it his older brother went pale. His mom reminded him that six years earlier the brother recieved a mission call to serve in Chile Concepcion, but never went because he went inactive. It was really a testament that we are called to specific places for a reason. He also said, "Stick to your task until it sticks to you, because beginners are many but enders are few". Whenever I feel like sitting around chatting during my study time I remind myself of that and that the people in Honduras deserve to have the best possible missionary serving them. My teacher said yesterday, "Don't waste your time, because it is not yours to waste." I am on the Lord's time, I have no right to be wasting it. I only have three more weeks here in the CCM and I need to use every moment of it.

Yesterday morning the teachers for our zone brought in a teacher who knows Korean. She spoke nothing but Korean to us for about ten minutes and she tried to teach us how to tell someone about our families in Korean. It was so frustrating and confusing... and funny. But then I heard the most beautiful thing I've ever heard: she started speaking spanish. It felt such joy and relief when she started speaking spanish. I will forever be grateful that I am not speaking Korean.

If you have not read The Atonement and Missionary Work by Elder Holland read it. Ahora. Also, look up the youtube video of the same title. After the Korean thing yesterday, we watched the video and then did a lesson on humility. It was amazing. Elder Holland talks about how as a missionary when you think you need a rest or that the work is too hard, remember that Christ's work was hard and he didn't get to have a break during the Atonement. When you feeling saddened as a missionary you are feeling a glimpse of what Christ felt. It was a beautiful lesson.

One of our teachers challenged us to read the entire Book of Mormon before we the CCM and mark every time it mentions the Doctrine of Christ: Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. You have to read twenty or thirty pages a day to be done by December 10, but so far it is going really well. I feel so much better now that | am reading my scriptures more through out my day.

Tomorrow we are teaching Sergio for the third time and Enrique for the first time. Teaching is slowly getting easier. The language barrier is still the hardest thing. Sergio asked a lot of questions about the three degrees of glory in out first lesson and I realized I didn't even know how to explain it very well in English, let alone in Spanish. I need to study up on it.

All in all life here in the CCM is wonderful. I learn something wonderful everyday. And I love my Hermanas to pieces. Yo sé que la Iglesia es verdadera. Sé que Dios es mi Padre Celestial y Jesucristo es mi Redentor. I miss you all. Find something to smile about today.

Hermana Odekirk (or the Latins say, Hermana Odekeek) 

DyC 12:8
Buggs killed: 23

I wish you could all see how colorful and beautiful the houses on the mountainside are.

Clockwise starting at me: me, Mehr, Clark, Turner, Babb, Saylin eating breakfast at our usual table.

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