Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ch ch Changes

We had changes this week. My new companion is Hermana Zamora and she is super awesome!! Exactly what I need right now. I would send a picture but this computer doesn´t have a USB port... She is from Costa Rica. At first she was pretty shy and I was kind of worried, but then we went to teach a family and she was super chatty, it is great. We only wroked together Wednesday night through Sunday and we stil taught 32 lessons!! We´ve done so much contacting this week it´s ridiculous! We´ve found some awesome people.

I almost got robbed on thursday. We were talking to some people on the side of the road, trying to fin the locksmith (our key broke it´s a whole other story) and these two eight year old on a bike rode up and tried to take my bag but I had it across my chest so it didn´t come off. The awkard part was the boy lost control of the bike and ran into the side of truck that was passing by. The guy is the truck, the little boys, the people we were talking and us all just kind of stood there awkwardly...The little boys didn´t seem hurt so the guy in the truck drove away, and wasn´t mad so the little boys just walked away. If it weren´t sad that those feel the need to steal from me it would be a super funny story.

I ate cow liver on Tuesday. It kind of feels like ground beef, but certainly does not taste the same.

My branch president asked me where I bought my pen and I told him I bought it at wal-mart in the U.S. and he didn´t know what Wal-mart is!!! We are not in Kansas anymore. Also, I had to explain what Harry Potter is to Hermana Calpa. 

Selvin and Elizabeth still didn´t get married this week. There are more things than I thought getting in the way of them being baptized. It just sucks because I know they both have really strong testimonies. Pray for them.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Hermana Odekirk

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