Monday, March 17, 2014

Honduras Gets Better and Better

WHO´S EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE???????? This girl is!! 10 hours of listening to the word of God! 10 hours of listening to the word of God in English! I can´t wait! 

The power in this internet cafe just went out... Oh Honduras.  But at least it´s back on now

In the CCM I usually just skimmed over the apostasy, but now that Im in the field I know that it is one of the most important things you can teach, especially when I´m dealing with a bunch of evangelicals. If people don´t understand the apostasy they aren´t going to understnad the need for the Restoration and that we are the only church with the correct authority. I am learing so much.

Teaching in Honduras is just like teaching in the south in the Bible belt with all the evangelicals and the baptists... It´s just further south and we´re speaking spanish.

We went  contacting and I got rejected for the very first time. "We´re catholics."

I told Hermana Zamora my middle name, Fay. And she said how cool that my middle name means faith. And at first I was confused but then I realized that although it is spelled differently (Fay and fe), my name means faith in spanish. Super cool, huh?

Hermana Zamora has really good english, but she does´t like to talk to the other gringos in english because she doesn´t like that she "doesn´t always understand."  So naturally, I said, "Bienvenida a mi vida!!!" I can´t even imagine what it must be like to not understand what the people around me are saying, wow, that must be rough. ;) 

Morning here smells different.

The sunsets here aren´t very cool, but I have woken up in the madrugada to take a bus somewhere enough times that I know for sure that the sunrises are maravillosas!!

I spent all week thinking "What is significant about March 14? I swear there is something!" Then Holdaway called and said Happy Pie Day!! Whew, so glad I figured it out.

For three months I have been saying, "Nada iglesia en ese tiempo fue la iglesia verdadera de Jusucristo." AND NO ONE CORRECTED ME!!! Finally a few days ago Zamora reminded me that it is Ninguna iglesia... She is so wonderful.

We have two baptisms set for the 29. Edgardo and Natalia. I am really excited. They are great kids.

We went to Tacoa for District conference on Saturday. The chapel there has two floors so I love the few from the second floor. You can see all the crappy tins roofs. I love Honduras.

On Sunday the conference was a broadcast to all the Central America. Elder Oaks and Elder Scott spoke. Oaks was translated, but Scott speaks fluent spanish so he just spoke. IT was an interesting thing to see. 

And finally, You know you´re in Honduras when: Elder Marsh says "That´s a nice tie." and Elder Passey says, "Thanks. I got it in my christmas package... last week."

Well, that´s all folks. Have a great week. Love you!

Hermana Odekirk

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