Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I know some of  you might not really care about reading this, but I would like to publically wish my mom a Happy Mothers Day. I have the greatest mom ever. Any time I tell people a story about my mom they tell me, "Wow, you´re mom sounds so funny!" My mom is absolutely hilarious and doing the craziest things, whether it´s buying an ice cream bike, or getting escorted of the feild at a Raptors game for trying to start the wave, or getting excorted out the backstage area at the conference center. But more importantly, my mom is greatest example I know of Christ like love. She is always serving those around her. When the rest of the family is talking about how inconvenient it sounds to do some act of service she is talking about much it will help someone. She is the woman who taught me that "fair doens´t always mean equal" and how to lead music and how to drive a car and how to do my own laundry. She is always so supportive and shows her love for me in whatever decision I make. I love her so much. Happy Mothers Day!


I logged on to my email and got all excited because I had 14 new emails!! ...But then I realized more than half of them were one-liners from Sierra... Thanks for always being there buddy.


Angel and Zulma are getting baptized this Saturday. They are two really cute kids of a less active family who live next door to us.


Also, the familia Sosa still has the goal of getting baptized on the 24. I am so excited for them!! They are the cutest family I´ve ever seen!


I have always really loved reading Enos. Everyone always talks about how it is about prayer, but this last time I read I realized I think it is really about repentence. Sometimes it`s a wrestle. Also, every time I read Enos I always end up thinking, "What was this giant sin you had repent of??" Do think when we`re in heaven if I asked him nicely he would tell me?


When I had my very first interview with Presidente Klein he challenged me to read the New Testement. I finally finished it this last Tuesday, which means that I have now officially read the entire standard works. I feel super accomplished.


The word for handcuffed and the word for newlywed are the same in Spanish: despojado. ha ha Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "The old ball and chain" right?


Shout out to all the "Friends" fans out there! I was helping Hermana Alfaro learn the days of the week in english and I taught her to say, "Monday oneday, tuesday twoday, wednesday what day? Thursday!!


Have a great week!! Love you all!



Herman Odekirk

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