Monday, November 10, 2014


One of the hermanas I live with is from Choluteca Honduras and has been here waiting for her visa for Mexico. She got the call today and the secrataries are coming to pick her up so she can go to Mexico tomorrow. That means that her companion Hermana Stott is giong to be in a trio with us until the end of the change in december when they can get another hermana in here. This will be first time in trio and my first and probably only  time with an American companion. I´m exicted for this new experience.

Before my mission when I used to babysit my nephews I used to measure time by how many episodes of Mickey Mouse club house I had watched, "I´ve been here for three episodes of MMCH so Katie should be home in about two more MMCH. Last week my mom wrote me and told me that my family went to go see the third Hunger Games movie. I´ve now decided when people ask how much time I have in the mission I´m just going to say, "Two Hunger Games movies have come out in my time in the mission."

I´ve been feeling a little frustrated this week. I feel like I´m finally becoming the missionary I should be, I´m talking to more people than ever, I´m challanging more people than ever, I´m more obedient than ever and yet I´m not seeing any more fruits. I´m seeing less. No one is even close to getting baptized. Keep Swimming.

I made a goal this month to in PMG Charity and Love everyday. As couple days ago I read it but didn´t feel like I really learned anything new. Then I read in lesson three about repentance. It talks about how repentance changes how we see God, ourselves, and the world. Repentance helps us feel more love for God, oursleves, and the world, or sea more charity for God, oursleves, and the world. 1 Peter 4:8

I have eaten 321 baleadas. I love beleadas so much. 

I got  a bunch of music from my ZL and one of the songs is You Are Loved by Josh Groban. Any of my old roommates will be able to tell you that I love that song and that I cannot sing it quietly. Whenever we are listening to music in the house and that song comes on I have to turn it up and sing as loud as I can. Hermana Diaz keeps laughing at me. 

That´s all folks. I love you. Listen to You Are Loved, watch Hunger Games, cahllenge someone to be baptized.

Hermana Odekirk

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