Monday, November 3, 2014

1 year, "miracles" and spirits‏

This week was really good. It is an interesting experience to be training for the second time because this is a completely different experience. I´m having to apply Teach People, Not Lessons in a new way, because how I an training Hermana Diaz is not the same way I did with Hermana Andujar. 

I recieved the following email from my lovely old roommate, Amy: "Sister Odekirk!!

I can't believe you just hit your year mark!! Remember when we went to Mission prep together and you couldn't even out your papers in for like a year?!" Why yes, I do remember when the teacher asked me where I was going on my mission and I told him that I couldn´t even start my papers for another eight months. This is crazy. That was two years ago.

Yes, I hit my year mark this week. It´s weird because sometimes I think about what I was doing a year ago: finishing my first semester of school, or that super crazy day I found out I was going to Honduras. But now when I think about what I was doing a year ago I was in in the CCM.

Also, I just realized the other day that Abby Spencer and Melanie Stark and all those girls are now Laureles!!! I was the weirdest moment of my life. I remember when they were first years at girls camp and taught them how to make knots. We are all getting super old and it´s werid.

It´s been cold this week and I´m saying that without the quotation marks because I think it was actually a little cold. I´ve been using my sweaters a lot. It has been raining a ton, we are walking through pure mud all day long. 

I was worried because my convert Pepe told us he wasn´t going to be able to come to church this week, but when we were waiting for sacrament meeting to start Pere walked up and shook my hand! And then 20 minutes later he passed the sacrament to me. Nothing is better than seeing converts use their priesthood. 

A couple of weeks ago Elders Marsh and Navas from La Sarrosa were walking through Santa Rita (because Sarrosa is so small there is no bank so they have to come here) and a man flagged them down because he wanted to hear more about the church. They called me so we could go talk to the guy because the elders didn´t know whose area the guy lives in. We took down his dats and told him the zls would contact him that night, since he lives in their area. This man came to church the next week and paid to go on the temple trip even though he couldn´t go inside and has a baptism date for the coming week. This man is a miracle!!!! BUT the story continues! dun dun dun Turns out the man is already a member!!!!! He got baptized about thirty years ago! He doesn´t know that we all know.  We are pretty sure he is pretending to be an investigator so he can try and get some money but we have no idea. I can´t wait to see how this all plays out. 

We were talking with one of my favorite investigators, Rosa, and she told us she would have been baptized a month ago if she didn´t have to get married. I cried, because her husband wants to get married and they have the money to do it, she just simply feels like she is too old to get married. She is just being stubburn. I´ve seen so much change in Rosa and I´ve seen that this gospel and her family bring her such joy she just feels like getting married is only for young people. The mission is the most frustrating experience of my life.

In Gospel Principles yesterday we were in lesson 41 about the Spirit World and I read that our spirits all have the form of adults. When a child dies when their spirit get to the spirit world it will be an adult. I looked up and said, "huh, I didn´t know that." and the sister that was teaching the class, "that´s why this is my class, not your class, my class." IT was super funny, and super facinating.

Also, in that class a guy was asking how we know if we are worthy to go to Celestial Kingdom and it turned into long conversation about how we aren´t perfect but we need to be perfect and it was really complicated, but the point is I thought about something really important during the conversation. A friend once write to me, "In order to get into the Celestial Kingdom, and live with God, we have to be perfect. (Or at least perfectly clean, maybe not perfectly developed.) So in order to enter the temple, which is a type of the Celestial Kingdom, we have to be perfect, right? NO! We have to be repentant. Basically, the point of this idea was that living a perfect earthly life is actually living a repentant life.
God never asks us to do any certain thing all at one time, it's all gradual. Especially when He asks us to be perfect. So when I'm actively and constantly repenting, I am fulfilling that commandment to "Be ye... perfect."" 
 God doesn´t ask us to be perfect, He asks to be perfectly repentant. I think about this email a lot, almost everyday, every time I want to sleep in just five more minutes or I think a not Christlike thought about someone. I just need to be repentant. That´s why God sent Savannah Odekirk to this earth. 

I hope you all have a great week. Wear some jeans and super cute boots! Because I can´t. Eat some ice cream. Repent.

Hermana Odekirk

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