Monday, April 13, 2015


This week I´ve been kind of trunky for a number of reasons, one of which being that I received an eamil this week titled "Welcome back to Utah State University" Ay no, voy a llorar. On wednesday i took some time (with President Klein´s permission) to reigster for classes in the fall. Yep, it´s crazy.

On wednesday we were in Missionary Leadership Council and Presidente klein was saying that we aren´t allowed to watch disney movies on pday anymore and he explained it in this manner, "If you were going to go on a date you wouldn´t take a girl to the movies, right? How are you going to get to know each other in a movie? So how is your zone going to get to know each other better if you just go to the church and watch a movie? You should make pancakes!" so naturally hna Petersen and I were talking about how bad it is to go on a date to the movies and landed at "We should go on a double date when we get home!" Yep, she´s just as baggy as I am. ahah

Hna Vasquez and I had to spend the night in La Lima because I had to have my final interveiw and go to the doctor in San Pedro. I was talking President Klein about how he promised we could a have aFHE at his house but it never happened and he said we could do it that night! And he and Hna Klein said we could spend the night the night at their house!!!!! In most missions all the missionaries know the president´s but here in SPSEalmost no one gets to see president´s house before their last night when you eat dinner there. needless to say we had a say full of adventures!!

Presidente and Hna Klein gave a lift to doctor. When we came out the office elders were there! We waited for their appointment and then they gave a lift to the office. Yay for no rapiditos! Then we talked to President klein and I told what the doctor said and he said that having surgery in Honduras is not an option so it will happen when i get home, and I don´t have to go home early! THEN he took us to go grab Wendy´s AT THE MALL!!! We aren´t allowed in the mall without permission so I felt really weird. Then Hna Klein picked us up and I ate chicken nuggets and fries in the back seat of their car. It felt so normal, like something nromal people do. THEN we went with them to visit an Hermana who just came home from her mission that day. This Hermana lives in Satélite!!! All the members were shocked to see us because there are no hermanas in the whole stake of Satélite because it´s so dangerous.

THEN we got to their house and Presidente and Hermana Klein gave us ice cream and twizzlers and hot chocolate, and President asked me to play the piano. We slept in room with air conditioning. I used a BLANKET for the first time since the MTC!

In the morning we woke up, got ready, ate cereal with Hna Klein and then she took us to the mission office so I could have my final interview with Presidente Klein. I cried. THEN Presidente Klein took us to his favorite bakery and it was delicious! Then he took us to the bus terminal and we went home. It was a grand adventure.

Thursday and Friday were boring because the doctor said I needed to rest until friday so I just around and wrote in my journal and read Jesus the Christ and thought trunky thoughts. haha

I was thinking about it this morning and I want to go to Classic Skating when i get home. No one goes there anymore! I hope it´s still open. Rolling skating it totally under  appreciated in our society.

17 days.  Love every moment.

Hermana Odekirk

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