Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No english, no snow, no sinks

This week in District Meeting Elder Morales was teaching the part where the latins learn english but we gringos need help. I know that "there's" is a word, but is "there're" a word. All the gringo Elders said it's not a word, but I think it is. No one remembers english.

I heard it snowed this week. God had a funny sense of humor. I literally prayed for it to snow before I went on my mission so I could see it one last time but it didn't anow until the day after I left! It's okay, I still know God loves me.

Today's happy/funny email comes from Kelene Fletcher who is currently sering spanish speaking in Virginia. i had told her last week that I heard that George Michael we love when I was in the centro and this week she wrote me this:
    "HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA. that makes me so full of joy. When I get back, that's going as my ringtone. And on a completely slightly related note, I wonder if Guy on a Buffalo is still Bub's ringtone for me, haha. Remember when we watched that movie?
     I can't believe you are done. I'm dying. I still have a year left. WHAT IF YOU GET MARRIED. That would be exciting.
Also, the only thing I know about Honduras is what all the Honduranians here say, "It's a bad country, but I love it." Maybe I'll visit one day, haha."
     So everyone needs to watch Guy on a Buffalo. I literally can't stop laughing and I'm just remembering it. 
      So... let's just not think about getting married yet. Deal?
       That's a very true statement about Honduras. This country is terrible, but I love it with all my heart might, mind, and strength.

The last few weeks we've been helping a lot of people simply learn time management because they claim they didn't have time to read their scriptures. It just made me so greatful for my education and my mission and my family who taught me simple skills like that.

Go look up the word Charity in your Bible Dictionary. Right now. Did you do it? Bueno. On the mission I've learned about Charity. Charity is the higher law of love. It is what Christ feels for us. We are trying to get a couple married (what else is knew) and I finally realized they need to decide if they simply just love each other or if they have charity for each other. Charity is what builds real, lasting relationships among men. Charity isn't just giving service, it is learning to love people the way Christ loves them. 
  The first great commandment is to love God, which is faith. The second to love man, which is Charity.

Today I was reading the talk "The Priesthood Man" by President Eyring because I remembered that there is a really good part about prayer in there. I really love this talk, I don't even know how to explain why. Just go read it.

We went to Tocoa this week on divisions. I was doing companionship study with Hermana Bacon, who is from Provo and she shared that she read about the priesthood that day and how when she got set apart both of her grandpas participated and her stake president told her that she should appreciate that because on the mission she is going to meet so many people who are first or secong generation members and don't have any priesthood holders in their family. I felt so humbled as we sat and talked about how grateful we are to have so many wonderful priesthood holders in our lives.

We also went to Trujillo on divisions.... with Hna Babb and Hna Turner from the CCM!!! It was a wonderful reunion. But let me tell you, those two recently moved apartments and they now have the wost missionary apartment I've ever seen. In the whole apartment there is no sink. They have to wash dishes and brush their teeth in the shower. The funniest part is when I saw it all I wasn't even struck by it because I"m so used to Honduras. haha 

I've eaten 448 baleadas.

Have a great week!! 

Hermana Odekirk

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