Monday, April 27, 2015

La Ultima

Latins greet each other by kissing each other on the cheek. To be perfectly honest, I hate it. When I'm talking to other north american hermanas I like to take the opportunity to not kiss them on the cheek, but last week I saw Hermana Haight and it was just so instinctive that we did it and as we back away she just looked at me said super seriously, "What did we just do??" Ya somos catrachas. 

Remember the Ferviente Oracion song I love so much. Hermana Vasquez has it on her flash drive but it's in english and let me tell you it is WAY batter in spanish.

Our shower head isn't glued on or anything so sometimes when I turn on the sink in the morning the shower head just falls off and the whole bathroom gets wet and then I get all wet trying to put it back on. I love Honduras.

Our neighbor was burning trash the other day (a common occurence in Honduras) and the smoke came in our apartment and all my clothes smelled like I just got home from Girls Camp! (Hna Holdaway: Turn down the mormon)

On Thrusday I did my very last weekly planning session. We were making  our personal and companionship goals and I looked at Hna Vasquez and jokingly said, "I'm going to go on a date on Saturday!" haha I'm so funny! Aren't you all glad I'm going home and now you can all enjoy how funny I am. ;) 

When I got to airport in Mexico City my very first day of my mission we were all pushing our luggage up this HUGE ramp and the sister behind me said, "I can do hard things." In Olanchito I always said that to Hna Holdaway and this week she texted me and asked if we can just freak out because we're almost done with our missions and then she said, "WE DID HARD THINGS." Freak. I want to cry.

I called Hna Andujar in Tela yesterday to ask a medical question and she mentioned that Tela had a sacrament meeting attendence of 102 yesterday!! I'm so happy they are still progressing over there.

Today is April 27, 2015. According to my missionary certificate thingy the church gave me in the CCM today is my last day as a missionary. I just don't even know what to say. There were days before I came that I didn't want to come, but I felt so strongly that this is what my Heavenly Father wanted of me and now I know exactly why. There are things I learned here in the mission that I could've learned somehwere else. 
I'm trying so hard to put my gratitude into words and I just can't! Like Nemo. 
I just know that God loves me and that this is His church. Through Juses Christ we can become clean of our sins and become better people. WE can change. 

I love you all.

Hermana Odekirk

P.S. I've eaten 461 baleadas.

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