Monday, December 16, 2013

3 days in Honduras

I´ve been in Honduras three days already!! It is great. I don´t understand most of what my companion says pero it´s still awesome.

I got to Honduras on tuesday afternoon and just had meetings all day. On wednesday morning we had transfer meeting and I got meet my trainer. Her name is Hermana Calpa and she rocks. I´m not sure I understood everything said but I think she told me that she wants me to tell her if I want to change the way we do things, that we are both entitled to receive in inspiration for our area. She is also big on following all the rules and being obedient missionaries, which I am super greatful for. She is 23 and from Columbia. I think she is a convert but I´m not entirely sure. I haven´t been entirely sure of anyting in three days. Pues, that´s a lie, I´m sure I´m supposed to be here. 

After transfer meeting we took a seven hour bus ride to our area. I know you`re all super jealous. Our area is Bella Vista 3 in a little town called Olanchito. They tell me this is as country as you get in our mission. I love it here. I haven´t seen a lot of it, pero so far I think it is great. Most of the roads are dirt so my feet are dirty, siempre. haha Me feet smell worse than they ever have in the entirety of their existence. 

I have only meet a few of the members. They are so sweet. We had lunch at a family`s house this afternoon and was delicioso, pero they gave me this drink that is made out of corn. It tasted like they put dirt in some water and gave it to me. I tried to be nice and just drink it anyway but I couldn´t and I then I got worred that the water wasn´t filtered. Let`s all pray the filter in my water bottle works because when I put some water in it this morning was water was ever so slightly brown.

i haven´t taught any lessons yet, but we have some set up for this afternoon. Our first one is with a man named Ariel and we are going to teach him the law of Chastity. Awesome, right? Also, it took forever to find the question mark on this spanish key board. We have seven people scheduled to baptized on Diciembre 21. Ariel and the familia Gutierez. even though I`ve nothing to get them to that point I am super excited about it.

People here use the word "super" all the time. When something is awesome or they like your shirt they say super masiso!!

I CAN DO THE LATIN FINGER SNAPPY THING!!!!!! I`ve been trying to do it for a year and then one of the sister training leaders taught me to do it in five minutes. I don`t know what was different, pero I`m pretty good at it now. I have offcially accomplished my number one goal of my mission. I can go home now, right? JK Chistoso. People do it todos los dias around here. Apparently a member did it from the pulpet when he was baring his tesitmony. I love it! Me encanta!

My trainer doesn`t speak a lick of English.  Everyone else`s trainers speak a little because the church encourages them to learn english, pero Hermana Calpa has only been out her three months! I´m her second companion. It´s hard... but... Challange Accepted!!

I wish I could describe to you what Olanchito is like. There are a few horse drawn carts, all the buildings are cement and stucco, most of the roads are dirt. The buildings are pretty colorful. Ya`ll should google maps it. Will you google maps it? I`ll be  following up next week. My apertment has running water which is great because Hermana Holdaway is also in Olanchito and she is taking bucket showers. I don´t really have any pictures yet, but I promise I´ll get some. 

I wish I had some awesome spiritual experience to share but all I`ve done is go to a bunch of meetings. I haven`t eaten a baleada yet. I`ll be super excited when I do. 

There was a woman I met on the plane. She found out that we were all missionaries and I chatted with her a bit. At the end of the plane she thanked me for coming to serve the people of Honduras. She said that even though she isn`t a member of my church she appreciated what I am going and that she knows people need it. I almost cried. 

I haven´t cried yet, In my whole seven weeks of missionary work I haven`t cried because I miss home or I`m frustrated or it`s hard. Only when feeling the Spirit.  I`m pretty proud, pero it will probably come soon enough.

I`m not dying from heat yet. It really isn`t that hot, pero everyone keeps saying we`re in the middle of a cold front and that it will heat back up in few days. 

I hope you all have a good week. Merry Christmas. Love you.

Hermana Odekirk

P.S, DyC 6:36

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