Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Semana 4

Title: There are way too many birds in the comedor

 A few days ago I was sitting in the comedor by my self starting to eat my meal (Hermana Turner was on the other side of the room getting Nutella, don´t worry) when I heard a loud noise. I didn{t look up because I was really focused on trying to figure out what was in the mashed potatoes ( it was cinnamon). All of a sudden people are surrounding me. I look behind me and there is a bird laying on the ground a foot away from me!! It had flown through the comedor and and right into the window two feet away from my head and I didn{t even notice!! I´m still getting made of for the it. The bird survived.

Last firday Hermana Turner and I taught Sergio for the third time. Our plan was to teach him about the book Mormon and get him to pray about it in the lesson. We were going to each share one of our favorite scriptures from the Book of Mormon. I was going share soemthing in Moroni but after he prayed and he said he knew that L de M was true and I knew I needed to share mosiah 18:17 (one of my absoute favorites) and talk to him about baptism. When I was done talking Hermana Turner challenged him to be baptized even though we hadn´t even discussed challenging him that night. and he said yes. It was one of those moments where Hermana Turner just knew exactly what I was thinking because we were listening to the Spirit. I really felt like a missionary, it was great.

Hermana Turner and I had matching outfits on Saturday. She says, A companionship that matches together stays together. We also like to say, a companionship that hardcore parkours together stays together. Needless to say we are really good at parkour. ;)

Sundays in the CCM are amazing!! In Relief Society we talked about how even though we are learning spanish it is more important that we learn the language of love. For the devotional we watched a recording of a talk by BEdnar. He talked about how when he studies general conference he looks for the doctrine being taught, what we are invited to do and the blessings that will come from keeping the invitation. I realized that I need to make sure I am applying that to my lessons. Doctrine, invitation, blessings.

Monday night our teacher made us read from the L de M as fast as we could without worrying about pronunciation. it was hilarious! Then we made our teacher do it in english and it was even better. I know my spanish is improving. On Tuesday our other teacher challenged us to go the whole day without english. We were allowed to speak 50 word of english and for every word over 50 we had to do 15 sit ups. Luckily I only spoke 33 words in english the whole day! It wasn{t as hard as I thought it would be. I need to make more of an effort to speak spanish through out my day.

Also, on Tuesday after the devotional Elder Funk told us that Elder Nelson, out District leader, was going home that night. It has been weird to be without him, but I know that if he went home it was for a good reason. He was such a great example to each of us. Hopefully, this brings us closer as a District.

We went to the temple again this morning. It was great. I did the entire thing in spanish. When I got to the end I hadn´t been worried at all because there is always someone there to help you, but she wasn´t really enunciating, so I don´t think I said it all right, but she thought it was close it enough so it´s all good. 

I am getting used to hearing Spanish a lot. Outside the temple today I said Hola to a lady and she said Hello. Weird!! I can´t even remember the last itme I heard the word hello.

Yesterday was our Hump Day. I love it here but I cant wait to ´get to Honduras! On monday district B left which means we are now the oldest missionaries in out zone. Honduras is getting closer and closer.

I love you all, and I am happy to hear from you all. Find something to smile about today.

Hermana Odekirk

P.S. Bugs killed: 32
1 Nefi 9:18

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