Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I've been out over a hundred days!

So... later in the day last week I realized that captify actually is a word... Que verguenza!

One of our investagators gave us un Libro de Mormon this week... I think I´m doing missionary work backwards.

Elizabeth came to church yesterday!! She thought it was great and we are teaching her and Selvin again tomorrow. We found out that he wasn´t actually baptized, so we´ve made a goal for both of them to be baptized on the 1 of marzo. I am so excited! I really think they can make it.

On wednesday we went on splits. And it went really well. We taught Ariel and it was amazing. The Spirit was there and he was actually paying atention. We talked more about the Book of Mormon. Hermana Calpa and I went back the next day and read 3 Nefi 11 with him. I really think he felt the Spirit. But then our next lesson with him he was back to not paying atention and joking around the whole time. I don´t know how to work with this guy. Vamos a ver.

Also, while I was waiting for Hermana Calpa to come back from splits I chatted with a member for like half an hour!! In America this would be insignificant, but we chatted for a half an hour  IN SPANISH!! I can totally do this.

Olanchito is surrounded by mountains. The other day I glanced out a window and for a moment the mountains looked like Utah. It was super happy.

At District meeting all the Latins were debating which one of their countries is better, then all the North Americans just looked at each other and agreed that clearly they were debating over second best because the United States of America is better than any of their countries. I´ve never been more patriotic than in the last three months.

Also, thursday was my 100th day of my mission!! Woo hoo! We got ice cream to celebrate.

If you would like to experience part of my life google the song Loco by Enrique Iglesias or the song Darte un Beso by Prince Royce. The members and other people around town listen to those songs all the day long. Also the Le Gusta la Banana song.

I love Honduras, I truly do... but sometimes people ask me if I´m going to marry a Honduran and live here forever and I feel like someone just asked me why I have Bumpers number, "um........ uh...... uh........" 

So there is an article in the Liahona this month about how to have good communication with your spouse. Even though I´m a missionary and clearly I´m not getting married anytime soon I read it. Then I realized that every other missionary read it too. Que baggy! 
But anyway, there is a part where it talks about how you should schedule a time regulary to talk how you communicate and your other problems, basically you need to have weekly Companionship Inventory!! Just the missionaries do every week during weekly planning. I would just like to point out that no matter who you are the principles in Preach My Gospel will help you. 

The gospel is true. Change is real. More importantly the Atonement is real. Have a great week.

Hermana Odekirk

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