Friday, February 28, 2014

This is Week 12!!!

So today starts my twelth week in Honduras. I´ve been thinking all week about how it´s been really fast but now saying week 12 sounds like a really short time.

Next week on the 5th are transfers. We are going to wake up at two in the morning and take an eight our bus ride to Progresso and then I´ll take an eight hour bus ride back to Olanchito with my new compañera. Super exciting! This transfer went by crazy fast. Before I know it I´ll be going home.

The conference last tuesday was really good. At one point he made a cool comparison to how finding a spouse is like finding investigators. You find them, then you teach each other, then you set a fecha, and you have to endure to the end. It was really cool, but it didn´t make me super baggy or anything (sarcasm hand (shout out to Sierra and Rachel)).He also talked about how all the latin missionaries need to learn english. Especially as a member of the church because conference talks and stuff like that just aren´t as good after you translate it. How are you supposed to feel the power in Elder Holland´s voice when you´re listening the translater? I´m so gratefull I speak english.

The bus ride back to Olanchito was super rough. The driver was just really stop and go. We were all feeling realy sick. The good news none of us puked. The bad news is I don´t have a super funny story about that time 18 mssionaries threw up on the bus...

Hermana Calpa and I went and got all the paper work ready for Selvin and Elizabeth to get married! The are getting married on friday and they are geting baptzed on saturday. I am so excited for them!!

We also have two other baptisms scheduled for this saturday. Natlalia, she is nine and she is awesome. and Manuel, he rocks too.

We are teaching a 17 year old girl named Victoria. She is so smart and has a thrist for learning. I think she is great. She didn´t comet to church this week, but she is so excited about the gospel!

At one point she was telling us about how she wants to travel to spain and learn to play piano and learn english and how she has all these dreams. I thought how refreshing it is to meet a young person who still has all these hopes and dreams. But then I realized, I´m a young person! I should still have hopes and dreams. Why don´t I still have hopes and dreams?? But then I realized I´m living mine. When I was in high school I wanted to go to Utah State, go on a mission, get married. So far I´ve done all that. Sure, I´d love to travel to europe or teach english in Asia, but then I realized (It was a long process of realizations) that if I spend some time traveling it will be wonderful but it won´t really bring me lasting happiness, only temporary pleasure. The things in this life that are going to bring me life long happiness are things like the gospel and getting marries and having a family some day. It´s not that I don´t have any hopes and dreams they´re just a lot more simple then they used to be. Life rocks.

1 Thessalonians 4:1-2 are really great. As a member f the church you know what you should and shouldn´t do, it´s just about making the choice that you already know is right. 

God bless carpet. Gd bless the U.S. postal service,  Wendy´s, Teva sandals, running water and correct translation. God bless the United States of America.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here. I know that this gospel changes lives and that it makes a wonderful impact on my life everyday. I can´t tell you enough how much I love this gospel. I hope you all have a great week.

Hermana Odekirk

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