Monday, February 3, 2014

You know you're living in Honduras when.......

Sorry guys, this is a long one. Prepare yourselves

You know you´re living in Honduras when:

1. you and the other missionaries buy a 63 year old woman an axe for her birthday.
2. the horses eat from garbage cans on the side of road in the center of town.
3. your investigator says, "Sientanse." and you look aroud for a chair and all you see are a stump and a cinder block.
4. the lady at the panederia gives you a spoon with your donought.
5. you see a woman walking down the street in heals, talking on her cell phone with one hand and holding a live chicken with the other.
7. for dinner they fry a fish whole: scales, eyes, everything, and then give it you.
8. Elder Curtis says just now, "Is captify a word?" and Hermana Holdaway says "Yeah, that´s a word." Non of us remember how to speak english.
This week went by super fast. And I totally feel like Sister Harris when she gives the lesson every month in Relief Society, "Where did the month go?" We´re already in febrero!!
Let´s talk about Alejandro. We were teaching a bunch of guys sitting outside their house. We were teaching about baptism and all of a sudden this 60 year old guy´s eyes get really wide and he says, "I wasn´t baptized! Will you baptize me??" uh, Yeah!! It´s great, but I worry that he´ll just go inactive after a week if we baptize him. We certainly need to teach him more. He doen´t really have an understanding of the gospel yet. I just need to remember that my purpose is to bring others unto Christ and strengthen people´s testimonies, not to baptize people.
Now let´s talk about Selvin. On friday we were walking down the street and this guy rode up to us on  his bike and asked us to teach the godpel to his wife. I don´t even need to go contacting invesigators come to me! I´m such a great missionary!! ha ha JK  His wife overheard us giving a lesson to their neighbor and she liked what she heard. She tried to come over and talk to us but we left too quickly so Selvin was really excited that he saw us walking down the street. Turns out that Selvin was a member when he was kid. He told that he was baptized, but he brought us the certificate that he has it was actually for a receiving a name and a blessing when he was six. We are looking into if he was actually baptized or not. We have to wait a little bit before we can baptize Elizabeth because the two of them aren´t legally married yet, and they can´t get married until Elizabeth turns 18. yes, you read that right. She is 17 and he is 30 and they´ve been living together for 3 years. whatever floats their boat. They didn´t come to church yesterday so I am really excited to go talk to them tomorrow.
Jose didn´t come to church yesterday, but othe than that he is solid. We told him to read 2 Nefi 31 and he not only did it but he read all the way to Jacob 1! and had tons of questions for us! Super pilas!! I¨m hoping he´ll get baptized on the 22. He is such a sweet kid.
ALSO!!!!!! I just learned where the boundry of my area actually stops!! It is right by my house! Not a billion cuadros north like I thought!  We´ve been super stressed about where to eat lunch. Most missionaries study at their house for an hour after lunch because it´s hot, but we can´t do that if we´re working a half a hour away from our house. If we could work closer to our house in the morning, find a family closer to feed us, study for an hour, then go up and work in La Conquista my life we be so much better!! I talked to Hermana Calpa about it and we are going to go cantacting Libertad Sur tomorrow morning. I really hope this can bring a solution to our problem.
The Denny´s wrote me a letter entirely in Spanish and I understood the whole thing!! Aha, chiqui! Also, thanks to them for keeping me posted on USU´s win at the Poinsetta Bowl. Go Aggies!!!
Apparently my mission has reached it´s limit of sisters, so we aren´t getting any more anytime soon. This means it could be like eight months before I¨m senior companion or a trainer. Que triste. Oh well.
Chapter 6 of PME is amazing. I´ve been reading a lot about having Christlike love this week. I´ve never been the type of person that instantly loves people. I´m really picky about who I spend my time with. If you bug me then I don´t want to be around you, it´s that simple. You can´t do that on the mission. I think this is one of the biggest ways I¨m supposed to change while I´m out here. I need to learn to love other people. Everyone needs to read 1 Peter 4:8 (make sure to read the footnote) When you have Christ like love for others and for yourself it prevents sin.
Well, that´s it for this week. Sorry I wrote a novel. Love you all. Hope you have a great week. Find something to smile about today.
Hermana Odekirk


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