Monday, January 27, 2014

Still in Olanchito

Cambios came and went and I am still here in Olanchito with Hermana Calpa. She is leaving in March when she finishes six months in Olanchito. I´ll stay here with a new companion for that transfer, so I´ll be here at least until April, maybe May. I hope not until May. I love Olanchito but I don´t want to spend six months in any one area. That´s a third of my mission!!
On Wednesday night we had to push start a car at two in the morning. Long Story.
Hermana Holdaway has kidney stones so she is in La Paz until her stones pass. She is actaully living with Hermana Turner!! Small world. Holdaway called me to talk about one of her investigators (since I´m working her area and mine until she comes back) and she mentioned that in La Paz the shower is kind of warm!! And they had pizza delivered to their house!! I don´t even know where to find pizza in Olanchito, let alone have it delivered to my house! We are living in two different missions.
The Book of Mormon is amazing. Just throwing it out there.
We are going to start eating lunch at the Vega´s house instead of the Duarte´s and I am stoked about it! They actually live in out area and she makes better food!
Hermana Calpa and I have decided that our goal for this cambio is to ride burros. I´m determined to make this happen even if it´s only for a few minutes.
We contacted this guy names Ever Galvez and he is so pilas!! He has some family who are members, so he already knew quite a bit about the church. He came to Sacrement Meeting yesterday and we have another appointement with him on wednesday. I swear, if I can help this guy get baptized he could be a seventy someday.
We also met a 15-year-old kid name Jose (everyone is named Jose). He reads everyting we give him and he has tons of questions. His mom died a few months ago so he is really interested in the Plan de Salvacion. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he realized that his parents were members of our church like ten years ago!! We´re looking for their records. Jose is the sweetest kid. He came to church yesterday and sacrement was all about the importance of seminary and Jose wants to start going to seminary. Que cool!!
Things I think to Myself that I Never Thought in America:
1.Did I turn the toilet off before we left the house?
2.It´s not birds chirpping that is waking me up in the morning... it´s the geckos chirpping that is waking me up.
3. I feel a little violated with that gecko being on the ceiling in my bathroom, watching me while I¨m trying to shower.
4. Yes, fried platano for dinner!

Saturday was the Dia de Mujer HondereƱa. The Elder Quorum threw a party for all the women in the ward. I love kareoke, but I think kareoke to latin 80s music might be the greatest thing I´ve ever witnessed. At one point Hermana Villatoro was singing Bidi bidi bom bom, yes that Selena song that´s in the movie, so I actually knew some of the words. It was nice to hear a song I actually knew.

It felt really good to sing and be loud and laugh. I don´t get a lot of that here. I agree with Elder Passey, "I miss being silly!"
Since Erika and Denis want to attend the Olanchito Branch Kesler and Reyes are going to be teaching them from now on. The four of us went over there to visit them to help smooth the adjustment. Calpa and Reyes decided that Kesler and I needed to teach the lesson since we´re training and it was a weird experience to prepare and teach a lesson with an Elder.
We taught a lesson to Greysi and her mom yesterday. She is an 18 year old inactive. We asked her to give the closing prayer. She started to pray but her mom had to finish it for her because she was crying and couldn´t speak. I was so happy that she was feeling the Spirit.
We watched the movie Frozen today as a district and it reminded me that there are places where there is snow... weird.

That´s it for now. Love you all. It´s weird how my bagginess level changes from day to day, today I miss you all more today than other days. Have a great week!
Hermana Odekirk

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