Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I have to pee so badly right now!! I only mention it because the only bathroom in this internet cafe is doesn´t have any water at the moment, so let´s all hope I can make it home in time. Btw This would never happen in America.
This week was super busy... but not with lessons... We taught 6 with member, 1 otra, and 2 to menos activos. Not our greatest week. 

After district meeting our whole district went and got chinese food lunch. It was really nice to have some time to bond as a district and the food was actually pretty good. 

On Thursday we went to La Ceiba for training  for all the trainers and new missionaries. It was really good. Although, I never win the PMG game. We´ll blame it on my spanish for now. ;) ha ha At one point a kid answered a question in the game and Hermana Alejandro wispered under her breath ´´Freaking gringo!´´ It was so funny. After the training we went to Dominoes Pizza and it was super fun!

Friday Hermanas Calpa and Alejandro had to go San Pedro to residency so Hermana Holdaway and I were here in Olanchito together. IT was a great day! We proved that we can totally do this! We got a taxi by oursleves, bought water from the delivery guy, got a reference for the ZLs, and taught two lessons! And I got us from Hermana Holdaway´s area to Hermana Soto´s house without getting lost! We are totally capable. We had to home by six because two gringas aren´t allowed to be out past dark by themselves so we couldn´t teach any more lessons, so that´s a shame, but oh well.

Also, we did a lot of math and realized that there are eight and a half transfers in a year, not eight. So there are nine transfer days. So our missions are actually 13 transfers not 12. So I have 11 transfers more not 10!! My world was shaken a little, but it´s all good.

Saturday Hermana Holdaway and I sat around until two because we had to wait for our compañeras to come home from San Pedro. I got some good studying in. It was nice to have some time to relax and study.

That afternoon we had interviews with Presidente Klein. I will never doubt that he inspired. I told him one of my goals for the year is to develop more patience and he knew without me even telling him that the reason I get impatient is because I am so judgemental of people. It was a great interview. Also, right when he got to the church he slipped a twizzler in my hand because he remembered a thirty second conversation we had a few weeks ago about how twizzlers are delicious. Que thoughtful, right?

My zone leader Elder Itza is from Mexico, but HE CAN´T ROLL HIS Rs!!! It is super funny. Elder Passey completely changed my life. He said in orfer to roll your Rs you need to have your toungue touching your top molars. I tried it and it totally helped!! I still sound ridiculous but it is at lease better.

Well, I still really have to pee so I´ll end it here. Love you all.


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