Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 4

This week has been interesting. There has been a bit of tension between Hermana Calpa and I about how we should set our daily goals and how to prioritize our time. I´m trying harder to have patience and not get frustrated. The moment I start getting frustrated I lose the Spirit and I never want that. It doesn´t help that I can´t always express exactly what I am trying to say. I just need to keep working on it. We think Hermana Calpa might get transfered next week since she has been in Olanchito for four months already and and six months is a long time for a sister to stay in one place.

Tuesday at lunch Hermana Duarte gave me parts of a chicken that were certainly not meat!! The lung, heart, liver, and such of a chicken are not my first choice of things to eat. The next day she fed us pig hoof. I ate part of it, but I don´t want to eat pig skin that still have hair on it.

Thursday was Grow Up day for me and I okay, not awesome, but okay. We got some young women to come on spits with us to we could cover more ground. That means that for three hours I was in charge of teaching lessons with some sixteen year old girls who aren´t missionaries! I was stressing. None of the people we were planning on teaching were home!! All of a sudden I had two and a half hours to fill and I wan´t sure how to do it. I decided to start by going to teach a member family a quick lesson and ask for references. It was great!! Sariah told us she had a friend who lived down the street and that she was willing to go with us to go see her on saturday!! And in front of that family´s house we ran into a guy that Hermana was supposed to have taught an hour before ( I still don´t know why it didn´t happen) and I made another appointment with him to teach him the next day. I thought about teaching him right then, but I knew had a lot of questions that I don´t know how to answer in spanish, so I decided to wait for Hermana Calpa.

Then we went to the brnach president´s house to see if he needed help with anything, until I could think of something better to do, which was good because if turned out Hermana Calpa was just down the street, so I got to talk to her and coordinate the rest of the afternoon.

On Saturday I was fed scrambled eggs and an avacado with my beans. I was in Heaven.

Maritza is making great progress!! Although she didn´t come to church on sunday so that´s not cool. She is super pilas! She always reads everything we give her and has tons of questions. She and her husband aren´t legally married (a common thing here in Honduras) so they need to get married before they can get baptized. WE are hoping they can baptized on the 25.

Erika and Denis came to church too!! But the wrong branch!! It´s a bit frustrating.

We hiked Pakura!! It is tallest mountain in the valley and I stood on the peak. It was awesome!! Unfortunately though, we brought some of the simgle sisters from the branch with us and they really shouldn´t have been there. They struggled a ton and it ended up taking 12 hours instead of the planned six hours. And at one point we got all separated and our guide was gone and we lost the trail and ended up just hiking straight up the side of the mountain. We did everything you´re nor supposed to do on a hike. It was impossible to get people to stay together. Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself.

Also, at lunch today Hermana Duarte showed us what was on the news: a police oficer was killed in Olanchito... in my area! I think we´ll be staying clear of that part of our area for a while.

I´ve been trying a lot harder this week to have more focus in my studying. I´m conviced every missionary should read chapter 2 of pmg occasionally. IT´s great. I feel the Spirit so much more and receive so much more revelation when my study has structure and a purpose.

That´s it for now. Love you all. Have a great week!

Hermana Odekirk

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