Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Yesterday was the greatest sunday of my whole mission!!!! WE HAD 91 PEOPLE IN SACRAMENT MEETING!!!!!!!!!!! That´s the highest I´ve seen it since I´ve been in Tela. AND Horus blessed the Sacrament!! AND Angel passed the sacrament!! AND FAMILIA GARCIA CAME TO CHURCH FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS!!!!! I was walking on air all day yesterday. It was amazing!

And Familia Garcia live right by a family of our investigators and he is all excited about it wants to invite them over for a family home evening!!

And Horus is the greatest convert ever!! He was talking to this guy at work about something or other it ended with him giving the guy a pamflet of the Restoration. Then a few days later the guy was like "Dude, what´s the Book of Mormon? Can I get one?" Horus was telling me this story and he said, "I always carry my BofM in my backpack when I go to work so I pulled it out and showed it to him and told him I would get him one.  I am contantly in shock by Horus.
And he had a bracelets made for me and Hermana Alfaro. Mine is red white and blue (´murica) and it says Odekirk on it.... only he spelled it OdeRkirk. He felt really bad, but I´m happy about because now I have a bracelet AND a funny story 

AND I just got an email from Hermana Zamora in Olanchito saying the Edgardo and Ramon (who I taught and they got baptized right after I left the area) are going to go the temple today!!! Woo hoo!! Mis niños

I have so much respect for my companion Hermana Cuc. Like I said last week, she learned English here in the mission. I thought my first months were really hard, but I at least have 40% of the missionaries in the mission who speak my native language. I could talk to Hermana Holdaway or Elder Kesler She had zero. No one else in the mission spoke her native language when she got here. The don´t print Preach my Gospel in her native language, she just has a spanish one. I can´t even imagine how hard that must have been for her. I´m eating a good old slice of humble pie.

The saddest story I´ve ever read is found in Moses 6:31, which reads, "I am but a lad, and all the people hate me." Ouch.

We went out with Elder and Sister Webb yesterday. It was really great. We took them to meet the members and less actives and converts in our area. They are going to do really great things for the branches here is Tela.

There is a scripture in DyC that I really like, but I realized this week that it is actually two different scriptures that happen to be about the same general topic. Dyc 122:7 and DyC 127:2

I´m in a really good mood right now because we are in an internet cafe that I´ve never been to before and the internet is really fast here. I haven´t been able to upload my photos to bropbox in weeks!

Well, that´s it. Vayan a trabajar!! Pray we can keep the asistencia up, here in Tela. Love you all. Heavenly Father loves you all. I know it with out a doubt. Have a great week!

Hermana Odekirk

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