Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just another week in paradise‏

What uuuuuup, hombres? I may be a representative of Jesus Christ but sometimes I still like to talk like a hooligan.

Yesterday was another awesome sunday! We had an asistencia of 84!! Not bad at all. Familia Garcia came to church again. The Relief Society president asked us to visit some sisters with her after church and one of the women was Hermana Garcia. That´s where Hermana Cuc and I found out that the RS President Hermana Vicky called Hermana Garcia to be her sencond counslar. Woo hoo!! Serving fully in your calling is the best way to keep yourself from going inactvie.

Speaking of service, we were walking to church and we saw Dixon, one of the young men, riding his bike the other direction. Then a couple minutes later he passed us again only this time he had Ozman, another one of the young men, sitting on the cross bar of his bike. (It´s a common thing here to see two people, even two grown men sharing a bycicle) That my friends is preisthood serice: a young man riding his bike to go pick another young man so that they can go pass the sacrament. It was a happy sight.

We left with the Webbs again on Wednesday. They are super fun. Sometimes working with them makes me baggy, because I think, "Man, it´s going to be so cool when I serve a mission with my husband some day... man it will be so cool when I have a husband some day... it´s going to be so cool when I get home and can date again" ha ha Don´t worry, I´m in no rush for all of that.

Okay guys, on to the cool stuff I h have studied or thought about this week. 
   1. "The keys and Authorityof the Priesthood" by Dallin H. Oaks. So flipping cool! He talked about how a lot of members assume that all the priesthood keys have been restored to the earth, but that´s not true because we don´t have the keys of creation nor the keys of resurrection. MIND. BLOWN. En serio, I don´t think I`ve had my mind blown like that in my whole life. Do you guys even realize how cool the Resurrection is going to be??
   2. According to dictionary.com, consecration: to make or declare sacred. to set apart to the serice of Diety. Sometimes we talk about consecration like it means to share something, but that´s not it at all. When we lie the law of consecration we are making our money, time, talents sacred, and therefor dedicating them to the Lord.
  3. Alma 19:16 WHO ON EARTH IN ABISH´S DAD??  What is his story? Footnotes provide no help.
   4. Alma 30:10 All through out human history there are things that have always been illegal, such as murder, stealing, adultery. For thousands of years in all cultures that I know of, but TODAY there is one thing that is no longer illegal: adultery. Today you still can't kill people or steal, but adultery is differnt. It is frowned upon, but isn't really illegal according to the government. I just thought it was interesting that only this one thing has changed.
   5. Alma 26: If I were Aaron I would have rolled my eyes about a billion times if I said, "Ammon, I think you're getting boastful." and then he went on for an ENTIRE CHAPTER about how he glories in his God. I would have been super molested. But I'm not Aaron, so I think it is awesome.
   6. Why do horses wear shoes? I've had this question my whole life but never asked anyone.

We go grocery shopping at the Maxi Dispensa and every week there is this 2 lb. bag of Hershey's miniatures. Every week I want it (it's kind of hard to find chocolate here) but I always forget to bring enough money for it, because if it 435 limps. That's more money than I usually spend on my entire week of groceries. I finally bought it today (and i'm super stoked about it) and I was reading the ingrediants and saw this: nonfat milk, milk, milk fat Why use nonfat milk when you are just going to put milk fat in it? 

Have a great week!! Enjoy having running water 24/7!! Execpt for Herana Turner in Morazan, I don't think she has water.

Also, I've eaten 212 baleadas.

Hermana Odekirk


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