Monday, July 14, 2014

Transfer Week Once Again‏

Hey guys, it´s transfer week, so we have pday once again.

The lovely Hermana Alfaro had changes today so I came back to Tela with Hermana Cuc. She has almost ten months in the mission and is from Guate. Even though she is from Guatemala she didn´t know any spanish until she got to the mission because she grew up speaking one of the native Guatemalan indian languages, Kichin. (I have no idea how to spell Kichin) So hopefully I can learn a little bit of it! She seems really cool. I´ve heard good things about her.

Yesterday we were vivisting some less actives. We were sitting outside and all of a sudden I felt something on my arm and there was some sort of white and brown goop. I took a deep breath to stay calm and looked up. It was in that moment that I realized a gecko sitting on the roof overhang pooped on me. Only in Honduras

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ALEMANIA BEAT BRASIL 7-1???????????? I am in shock!! We got home from Progreso yesterday and were walking down the street and we heard a tv in someones house say it was 4-0 in only 25 minutes and I was like, WHAAAAAAA! Then we got to the casa de la familia Almendarez and the radio said it was 5-0. Then we were walking again and I heard this guy in his truck and the radio was saying GOOOOAAAAAAALLL, so I asked they guy "6-0?" and he said, "No! 7-0!! Usted es de Alemania." I then told Hermana Alfaro that I´m going to say I´m from Alemania for the reast of the day. Pobres brazilianos. An entire nation is crying. My heart goes out to them.

Also, this morning I read the tips for parents of young adults article and is was really good. Ya´ll should read it. I learned a ton about how to function as a yound adult.

The church is true.

Hermana Odekirk

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