Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Miracles, José Smich, and Partidos‏

Hey guys, what´s up?

So, our wonderfulconvert Horus can´t say the word Nefi. He always refers to the profet Nefis. Also, our investigator Marvin says José Smich instead of Smith. And the Relief Society president in Olanchito always said Family Che instead of family search. I´m getting some goos laughs in here in Honduras.

I finally found out what a Platano is in english!! (Sometimes people will tell you it´s banana and they are wrong). It´s Plantain!! I am so excited! When get home you had best bet I am going to be frying up some sliced plantain. Yuuuummmmmmm.

Costa Rica lost to Holland on Saturday. Hermana Alfaro was pretty upset and everyone keeps bringing it up haha. earlier in the week asked me "Podemos ver el partido en Sabado?" (Can we watch the game on saturday) but I heard "Jesucristo puede ver el partido en sabado?" I thought why on earth does she care if Christ can watch the game, but yeah I think he can watch it, so I replied, "Sí, yo pienso que todos los espiritus peudan ver el partido." and she was super confused, and then I was confused about why she was confused. Eventually we figured it all out and laughed for a good ten minutes.

Don´t tell this to anyone in Central America but I was secretly cheering for Holland on saturday. They totally deserved it more. They´ve been undefeated, not  to mention kicked Spain´s trash 5-0. Costa Rica barely made it into octavos. It would´ve been unjust for Holland to lose to Costa Rica. But remember we´re keeping this secret. 

People here don´t understand the purpose of setting an appointment. We´re all "Can we come back tuesday at 3:00?" and they always say "I have no idea if I´ll be home. I might be out running errands or something. I don´t really have a set schedule." Hello? That´s the point of making an appointment, so that you can decide to run errands at four instead of three.And then of course they aren´t home when we show up on Tuesday. I feel like Jerry Siegnfeild, "Anyone can just take a reservation, you have to HOLD the reservation!"

The senior missionaries arrived on Saturday, Elder y Hermana Webb. They speak absolutely no spanish but they are super excited to be here!! They are so cute. We are going to be working with them one day a week, introducing them to less actives and stuff, untill their spanish in good enough that they can work on their own. Then it´s only when they ask for something. I´m super excited to be working with them!

On Friday we went to visit Hermana Daisy, one of our recent converts, and I almost cried. We were talking about if they´ve been holding family home evening and how her scripture reading is going, and she started to tell us how they have noticed a differnce in their home since they joined the Church. They´ve noticed the ways the our Heavenly Father has blessed their family. That´s it. That´s why I decided to serve a mission, so that families can change their lives and start to see more blessings in their lives. I am so amazed by the things that I´ve seen here in my mission. and I am so happy to be able to see the influence God has in the lives of His children.

Well, that´s all for now folks. Have a great week. Peace out.

Hermana Odekirk
I forgot to write about the miracle!!!! Six weeks ago Elder Lopez was on his way to transfer meeting and her accidentally left his suit coat in a taxi! It had his wallet, his temple recommend, his id from Nicaragua, everything!!! Super sad. 
He and Elder Nichols were walking around Tela on friday and all of a sudden this guys starts yelling to them. At first they thought he was just some crazy guy, but he started talking to them, and found out that he was the taxi driver! He told them that he still had Elder Lopez´s suit coat in his car and it still had all his money and everything in it!! IT WAS A FOURTH OF JULY MIRACLE!!! 

Also, one of the members let us have a fourth of July dinner at her house. We grilled steak and ate water melon and Elder Nichols and I sang the Start Bangled Banner,and there was fireworks. It was almost like home. I´ve never been more greatful for the United States of America in my whole life. 

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