Monday, June 30, 2014

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Horus was baptized this Saturday!! I am so happy for him. He is going to do such great things for the branch. It is so great to see how happy he is!

This week I've really been reminded about how important it is to follow the Spirit. and sometimes when you're not sure if it's the Spirit or your thought you just have think "why not?" and roll with it. 
When we found Horus we it was only because we were walking down the street and we passed a house that we had contacted the week before and I thought why not visit that lady again. The lady wasn't home but Horus was and Hermana Alfaro thought, why not share a message with this guy. 

Also, when we were planning on Tuesday night I though to visit an investigator name Doris. I didn't really think she will progress, but thought why not visit her? So we went Doris on Wednesday and she wasn't home but then we ran into her neighbor. We shared a message with her and she and her family came to the branch activity that night and they came to church yesterday. The Spirit didn't want us to visit Doris, he prompted me so that we could find this family. It's amazing.

Remember that guys a few weeks ago who had us put our hands in the air while we prayed and tired to convert us to the Rebano, Walter? Well this new family goes to his church right now, and everytime we go to visit them he shows up and starts asking them if they are going to the meeting at the Rebano that night and all that jazz. Sometimes it's kind of awkward. And I feel really bad because someone from another showed up at my recent convert's house and tried to get them to go another church I would probably be doing the exact same things that Walter is doing.

We had a run in with this Catholic lady who REALLY does not like The Book of Mormon. She was telling us all about how God is perfect and will never contradict himself (which is true) and so why would he contradict himself by revealing the Book of Mormon. We tried to explain to her that if she read the book she would find that The Book of Mormon doesn't contradict the Bible in any way, she only needs to read, ponder and pray, but she wasn't having any of it. It was a big testimony building moment.

We went to visit this less active family, Garcia. They are pretty receptive, and always say they want to come back to church but then they never do. They even were sealed about twenty years ago. We started asking them about the temple, and even though they could remember much I could see it in their faces that they remembered how wonderful and beautiful and peaceful it is. I almost started crying. The temple truly is the house of God. Slowly but surely I thinki Hermano y Hermana Garcia are remembering why they joined the church.

Horus' aunt came from Minesota to visit and she is a faithful member of the church. She is who introduced him to the church in the first place 13 years ago. She invited us to dinner after the baptism and I got really excited because I realized she might make something other than beans and rice or baleadas. We got there and she fed me lasagna!! Tomatoe sauce and noodles!! Whooy, was it good! AND  she is originally from Olanchito! Needless to say, I like Linda Diaz a lot.

I was studying the Restoration in PMG and I found the following sentence:
 "Joseph Smith lived in the United States, which was probably the only country to enjoy religious freedom at the time." Put your hands up if you love America!!!

We contacted this guy on the street and he turned out to be one of those crazy evangelicals. Normally crazy evangelicals (evangelists? I don't know the word in english) are all sorts of full of apostasy but I actually learned something really cool from this. He pointed out that both Adam and Christ at some point were laying down and had a rib broken (Adam, when Eve was created, and Christ when he was stabbed with a javelin). He said to me "from Adam, Eve was born. Who was born when when Christ's rib was broken?" I said that through this we all have the opportunity to be born again and become better people through repentance and baptism. He said I was wrong that Christ's church was born in that moment. You are free to interpret it as you choose. 

Today I complete eight months in the mission. Weird.

Love you all!! Have a great week!!

Hermana Odekirk

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