Monday, June 2, 2014

Transfer 6??‏

Two words: Horus George.  This man is a milagro like I have never seen before!!!! Here's the story... of a lovely lady... not really this is story of Horus (if you didn't catch the Brady Bunch reference I am severely disappointed in you). We contacted this lady sitting in front of her house and made a return appointment. We went back for our appointment but she was occupied. We were walking passed her house two weeks later and I thought "I'm sick forgetting to go back and visit people when they can't make the return appointment." So we went back to that house right then and asked if Edis was home, she wasn't, but her brother in law Horus was home! We asked if we could share something with him instead and he said sure pasen adelante. Turns out he has cousins en Los Estados que son miembros and he went to church with them off and on for a year when he lived there but was never baptized because no one in Minnesota said Hey, wanna get baptized. He has a date for June 14 and I am so excited!! 
The best part is this week he told us that the night after our first lesson with him he had a dream that he was wearing all white and he got baptized!! Whaat?? (I had to push three different buttons to get those question marks because these stickers don't match the software) I had been asking him for weeks how he is expecting to get an answer when he asks Heavenly Father if he should get baptized and he kept mentioning dreams. I was really worried because most people don't get answers in dreams, and then he told us about his dream and just thought "Boy, was I wrong?" He has come to church all three weeks we've been teaching him. He was perfectly prepared to meet the missionaries, I have done nothing to get him to this point.

Yesterday I had to teach Principios del Evangelio with about five minutes notice, so I picked an easy lesson, Prayer. The lesson went well enough. After the lesson I felt really awesome because I remembered the very frist time I taught principios del evangelio and my lesson was about ten minutes long and I was so frustrated that I couldn't teach on the fly in spanish, but now I can do it. That's progress.

Elder Lopez sang this song once and now I have it stuck in my head todos los dias!! Hermana Alfaro and I sing it to each other all the time.
"Te accomañaré en cualquiera lugar en la juventud en la Pepsi pepsi pepsi en la Cola cola cola. Pepsi Cola."

Remember back in January when I was studying the tribes of Israel and the abrahamic covenant and all that? I was reading the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nefi the other day and I realized that now that I understand the scattering and the gathering and all that, the Isaiah chapters make so much sense!! This has completely changed the way I read the Book of Mormon

We don't eat a lot of different kinds of fruit in the States. Have you ever pulled a mango straight from the tree and eaten it? Do you know what a water apple is? Have you fried up some mazapan? I've come to decision that we only certain fruits in the US because we only eat the good fruit. 

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS EMAIL!!! I have now had this discussion with two of my companions. In Luke 24 Christ as a resurrected being said "Have you any meat?" and then they gave him food and he ate it. Hermana Alfaro is insistent that this means that Christ was hungry, but I was always taught that a perfected resurrected being doesn't need food or sleep, so there must be another reason besides hunger that he ate food, right? I read the bible dictionary under Resurrection and found no answers. I need help! If you have any answers let me know.

Well, that all for now folks. Have a great week!!

Hermana Odekirk


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