Monday, June 2, 2014

Igaunas, Baptisms, and Flooding‏

Brace yourselves, this is a long one.

Firday (in order of apperance): In the afternoon I watched a man kill an iguana by sawing off it's head with a machete. Even after it was decapitated it kept moving and twitching. It was gross.

     That night we had baptisms!!! Familia Sosa, Angel y Zulma, two investigators of the elderes: Elida and Henry. It was the most amazing night! There were smiles all around. The Spirit was so strong. It was so amazing to see these people make the decision to follow Christ. I can't even imagine the blessings and happiness that are going to come to these people if they remain firm in the faith. And the branch was so supportive. I think these baptisms were just the kind thing to get the members excited about missionary work and reactivation. It was a perfect night.

     Later that night we came home to flooded apartment. That morning one of us must have checked to see if there was water in the shower and forgot to turn it off when there wasn't any water, so then when the water came it poured out for hours while we weren't home, and our shower doen't drain very well so apartment was flooded! And our downstairs neighbor got all her clothes wet that she hung ourside to dry. oops. It turned our all right though. Nothing was ruined. Even the flooding couln't ruin our good moods after the baptisms.

Until this week only the APs, ZLs and the Lideres Entrenadoras had cell phones, but then on wednesday at multi zone confernce they put a cell phone in my hand. Now all the missionaries in the mission have cell phones. I sent a text to my DL on thursday and it felt super wierd to be texting. This is totally going to change the way we work. Instead of waiting for half an hour to see if a member is actually to meet us at the church we can just call and ask them if they are going to come. I'm excited about it. 

Also, on wednesday I heard Presidente Klein telling Hermana Trujillo that she has to go to Trujillo before she leaves. I marched right up to him and reminded him that I called dibs on going to Tujillo months ago. I mean I know I'm supposed to align my will the God's and all that but... I called dibs! Doesn't that mean anything to anyone these days??? I told him he should send Hermana Turjillo and I to Trujillo together. 

Yesterday a woman picked her nose and then shook my hand with the same hand. 

On saturday the elderes were walking down the calle about seventy yards ahead of us when all of the a sudden this vicious dog (Toby is his name) came out of no where! He was barking and running straight for the elderes. I'll never forget the sight of Elder Burwell taking of his backpack so he could use it as weapon if need be. I've never seen anyone quitar there backpack so quickly! Luckily Toby's owner called him back and the elderes were unharmed. Hermana Alfaro and I stood there laughing for a good five minutes. Then we serious and picked up some rocks in preparation to walk passed Toby, but luckily his owner had him tied up by then.

Apparently every year in some town in Yoro there is a day where is rains fish. People tell me that fish literally fall from the sky. I'm in the process of further investigation.  

The Church is true. Period.

Hermana Odekirk

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