Monday, June 2, 2014

No time in Trujillo, but a lot in Progreso‏

I know just wrote on Monday but it´s pday again today so why not?

Alfaro and I had pday again today because neither of us had combios, but we wanted to go to the reunion de cambios anyway because we knew all our friends would be there. Last night we called Presidente Klein to ask if he would let us go and after taking half an hour to think about it he called us back and said, ¨Hermanas, I´m grateful for your baptisms last week and for all your work. I am also grateful that you called to ask permission instead of just going.¨ At this point I thought he was going to say no, but then he said we could go! It was a really small and yet really huge example that obedience pays off.

Reunion de cambios was super great because all the hermanas that arrived the same cambio as me were all there! I also got to see everyone from Olanchito. 

Remember how I told Presidente Klein that dibs opening Trujillo for the Hermanas? Well today Turjillo was opened for the Hermanas and I obviously was not one of the ones going. Ha ha He did send Hermana Trujillo though! I was a little jealous, but then I remembered that they are going to have a ten hour bus ride and I´m going to get back to my area in time to enjoy the rest of my pday. ha ha I´m make it back to Trujillo some day. There must be a really specific for these two hermanas to be in Turjillo because they both only had one transfer in their areas anteriores.

I´ve eaten a cheeseburger at Burger King twice in the last two days. Being in an area where you have to got to Progreso every few weeks is super awesome! It is not very often I get a nice burger. 

Also, at the transfer meeting I bought a new bag from El Señor de los Anillos (the Lord of the Rings (he also says CTR rings)) and I´m really excited about it because it has hip straps so my shoulders won´t hurt anymore. It´s really just a glorified fanny pack. It´s funny because he told me it would be 475 limps. and at first thought ¨que?? That´s a ton, but then I did the math in my head and realized that´s not even 20 bucks. Sometimes it´s really awesome to buy things in Honduras. 

Alma 26:22

Love ya´ll tons!

Hermana Odekirk

P.S. Sometimes typing is really hard because these computers are really inconsistent about whether they have the spanish keyboard software or the english. and lot's of times the stickers on the keyboard don't match what they actually do. Someday I'll figure it out...

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