Monday, June 23, 2014

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This week we passed June 18. That means it has now been over a year since I received the letter from the Travel Department that said I was going to Honduras. A whole year.

I just got an email from Sister Tracey in Ohio that has picture of her companion eating Mudd Pie at Red Robbin. Sometimes I forget that missionaries can do things like that. If I want to go out to eat I can eat baleadas or pupusas. Maybe some day I´ll serve in La Ceiba and I can go to Pizza Hut.

Natalia Sosa is the six year old daughter of our recent converts. She was born in the United States and then the familia Sosa moved back to Honduras about three years ago. Entonces the following occurred:
   1. It was the day of the first Honduras wold cup game and was teasing her about how she wasn´t wearing her Honduras jearsy the whole day and she said to me, "I don´t need to where my Honduras jearsy because I´m not Honduran, I¨m from the United States."
   2. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation so I asked Where did we live before we were born and Natalia said "I know! I know! En Los Estados Unidos!!"

I was reading Spainsh for Missionaries during language study the other day and I read the following sentence:  "Isaiah taught that are sin can become white as snow" This book was clearly written by people from Utah since it says "are" not "our"  Que triste.

I went to San Pedro for the first time this week. I had to go to the immigration office.  I really like San Pedro because it has mountains to one side, just like home.  and we got to ride in the truck that the secretaries use, but they didn´t let me drive it. Not even just around the parking lot.

I saw Elder Monterosa again since he is the immigration secretary now and it really showed me how far I´ve come in my mission because I met him about my fifth day in the mission and he tried to teach me to do the finger snappy thing. And I not only can do it now but I can do it lefty too!!

We were teaching a lesson in the front yeard of one of our investigators and it was during the second Honduras game. We  were sitting there and all of sudden everyone inside started screaming and everyone in all the houses in the whole neighborhood started screaming and light off fire works becasue Honduras made a goal. I´ve never heard anything like it. It was so cool. 

Horus is still all set to get baptized this Saturday. Woo hoo!!! People are prepared. 

Yestereday the U.S. played against Portugal. We showed up at Marvins house to teach him and his mom and his brother and they had the game on the tv. They put it on mute but I didn´t have the will power to ask them to turn it off. At this point the game was 1-1 so I was nervous. I said I can´t watch this. Let´s sing a hymn, but the tv still wasn´t turned off. So we are singing, "Deja que-el espiritu.." but then Hermana Alfaro and I saw that the U.S. made a goal so it was more like "Deja que-el espirituosjnfgvuaiohñ!!!!" It was super funny... but we clearly didn´t have the Spirit during that lesson. oops. 

On Saturday night the power went off, so we went home for the night at seven. Something was wrong with my ipod so Hermana Alfaro and I were working on fixing it. Once we got it all fixed I said, "oh I should charge my ipod" so I went and got the charger and plugged it in. About half an hour later I came out of the bathroom and Hermana Alfaro says to me, "You think you´re going to charge your ipod with the power out?" "Why didn´t you say anything when you watched me plug it in??" "Because I didn´t think about it either!" We laughed for a while.

So, I was in Personal Study on saturday and I was reminded once again that if there is anything I´ve learned in the last few years of my life it´s that sometimes Satan works by making me feel Spiritually strong.  Sometimes I know I´m putting myself into a situation full of temptation but I think, "It´s okay, because I´m super strong and I´m better than that, so I´m not going to act on the temptation." but then sometimes I´m not as strong as I think am. Satan is a smart cookie, but that´s why we have the gospel! :)

Here´s to another beautiful week in Tela! Love you guys.

Hermana Odekirk

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