Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy second week of June

Happy second week of June!!

When we have Zone Conference right after changes everyone has to introduce themselves. This time we had to come up with a wierd question for another person to answer and the following conversation occurred:

Elder I-can´t-remember-quien: "Si va al baño y no se encuentra papel que hace?" If you go to the bathroom and don´t find toilet paper, what do you do?
Elder Tax: "Pues, esto as la razón siempre tenemos nuestras agendas, verdad? Los páginas atras." Well, this is the reason we always have our planners, true? Those pages in back.
I laughed so hard I cried! 

Everytime someone tells me some super wierd doctrine that sounds a little blasphemous and I ask them where they heard that they tell me they read it in the book "Doctrine of Salvation" by Joseph Feilding Smith. Which brings us to the question, is the book Doctrine of Salvation recongnized as Church doctrine by the Church?

Happy Birthday to my sister Katie!!

Horus is still working toward his baptism. He asked us if we could push his date back until the 28. I was totally happy to do it, because his aunt who is a member is coming to town on the 25 and wants to see his baptism!! 
Daisy Sosa, one of the people who got baptized last month, is now working on doing her visiting teaching and she is super excited about it and her duaghter, Nahomy, is working on her Personal Progress! I am so proud of them!

Friday night I woke up at four in the morning to what sounded like gun shots. I looked at Hermana Alfaro and she looked really scared. I crept and peaked out the window but I couldn´t see anything. Then I heard all the abulance and police sirens and more gun shots. I got away from the window and sat on the floor. "This is real." I thought, "I´m in Honduras and my neighbor just got killed." But then. Then I heard the music and saw the fireworks. Turns out that a carnival started that day so all the punk kids were driving around town announcing the carnival. Only in Honduras is it legal to shoot fireworks our of your moving car, and blast your music super loud at four in the morning AND the police are going to help you do it!!!!!!!!!! I went back to bed BIEN ENOJADA!!! 

I listened to Christmas music this morning. I feel no shame.

Have a great week!! Do something awesome.

Hermana Odekirk

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