Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Changes Otra Vez‏

Pues... here I am in the beautiful town of Santa Rita. Today was the craziest changes of my whole mission.

I woke up at 4:20 and just layed in bed awake until 5.30 because I was so nervous I couldn´t sleep. WARNING: This next sentence gets a little graphic. My poop has been kind of diarea-ish the last few days and I think it´s from all the stress and nervousness of this cambio. I felt like I was going to puke the whole morning, but I didn´t.

We got to change meeting all normal. Right as they were about to start annoucing the changes I starting getting super excited and punching the air like I do when I¨m super excited. Then Presidente Klein got up to the pulpit and reminded us to maintain reverence during the meeting. He said, "I know you´re all excited but I don´t need to see it." and he was looking right at me the whole time he said it... oops. 

OH well, I met my new companion and she´s awesome. Her name is Hermana Ardújar and she is from Puerto Rico. She is 21 and graduated with a degree in biology. Her family has been members since she was 1 so she is my first companion that isn´t a convert. She has pretty good english since she is from Puerto Rico. 

We left the reunion de cambios and went to Progreso for lunch before our treck to Santa Rita. It started raining during lunch and didn´t stop for a couple hours. Normally that´s not really a problem but we had all of our luggage. The Zone Leaders were traveling with us since I don´t know the area. We didn´t want to walk to the bus terminal with all our luggage so we were going to take a taxi, but then someone said we could catch a bus outside the antorcha. So we waited there for half an hour getting all wet in the rain before Elder Moreno said that he didn´t think a bus would come and that we should go to the bus terminal. 

We found a taxi to take us there so Herama Ardujar and I got in the tazi with most of the luggage went to the bus terminal to wait for the elders to come after the taxi went back for them. I was really proud of myself because I when we got to the terminal I was talking to all the bus conductors and taking care of the situation all by myself. I can totally do this.

We finally got to Santa Rita and Elder Moreno said he was going to call a member with a taxi to take us to our house, only they don´t really have taxis here. All they have are those things you see on the Amazing Race in Asia where it has three wheels and isn´t fully enclosed. 

We live in the same house with two other Hermanas. The house is so huge!! It is biggest house of all the missionaries in the mission. It´s awesome but it doesn´t feel homey.

Yesterday, the RS president, Vicky, and the familia Garcia and the other missionaries in Tela surprised me with a birthday cake since I¨ll be in Santa Rita for my birthday. IT was really nice. Hermana Cuc and the elders smashed cake all ove my face.

I miss Tela a ton, but I´m tring to keep a good attitude about being here in Santa Rita. Now I just have to figure out what we were going to do at six o´clock when pday is over and we have to go work... Ay no!! I´ll go take a look at the area book and see what there is. e´ll see how this goes. Pray for me.

Have a great week!!

Hermana Odekirk

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