Monday, August 4, 2014

I hit nine months this week. Normally I´m the type of person who is super sentimental and I would spend the whole day reflecting on the last nine months, but I didn´t. We didn´t do anything special either so... sorry this paragraph is really boring. I´ll do better in the next one.
Apparently no one understood what I was saying about ALma 26. I meant that I would´ve been really annoyed that Ammon went on and on for twenty minutes about how he glories in his God. I just forgot that molested doesn´t mean annoyed in english. Shout out to Elder Sailsbery in Peru who laughed when I used the word molested.
ON friday I studied a lot about the preisthood (I almost wrote sacerdocio) and I learned lots of cool stuff, including how to write the word Mechizedek. Yep, that´s right. I just typed the Mechizedek without looking it up. I know, I know. It´s super impressive, you can all calm down now.
My study of the priesthood also lead me to a question. What exactly is the ministry of angels? The aaronic priesthood holds the key of the ministry of angels but I don´t actually know what that means.

My recent convert Daisy Sosa now has a calling in the primary presidency! Familia Sosa is progressing so well. They are trying to go to the temple in Tegu in a couple of weeks!
My investigators Marvin and Carlos were playing on Playstation 3 when we went to visit them one day. I told them about how when I was little I played an original playstation and THEN I saw that had Rayman!! I loved Rayman when I was little. My sisters and I played it all the time. It was a happy moment.
We only had an asistencia of 76 yesterday. Not our goal, but it is at least still an improvement for three months ago. I´m happy about it.
Onto my favorite moment of the week.  We were in RS yesterday and hermana ALmendarez shared an experience she had on thurday. She had been sick for about three days and had been in bed the whole time. She said she had prayed for help and just a little while later she heard, "Buenaaaaas" and the sister misionaries (Hermana Cuc and I) showed up at her house. We asked her what she needed and she said a blessing, so we called the elders. Before the blessing she had been moaning and breathing heavy but after the blessing she calmly fell asleep, and by sunday she felt well enough to come to church. She said that the missionaries were the answer to her prayers. That´s why I came on a mission.
Well that´s all for the super interesting stories. Except, I really had to go to the bathroom about twenty minutes ago. Normally I try not to use public restrooms in Honduras but this was an emergancy, so I used it anyway. I attached a photo of the bathroom. At least they had soap and little bit of water so I could still wash my hands.
Saludes a todos.
Hermana Odekirk

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