Monday, August 11, 2014

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This week was great. I am constatnly reminded that I made the right decision by coming on a mission, even though not every moment is perfect.
We met this lady on the street the day of transfers in July (it was funny because she asked Hermana Alfaro in english if she speaks spanish. Yeah Hermana Alfaro speaks spanish... she is from Costa Rica). Her husband died about four months ago so naturally I was really excited about teaching her the plan of salvacion. We got to here house and I was pumped up to have a "this is why I came on a mission" moment and bring joy to this mourning woman. She had questions about baptisms for the dead because they had mentioned at church on sunday. I normally don´t to talk about baptisms for the dead because it weirds people out but she specifically asked about it so we answered her questions, and she was all, " I don´t believe that. I would never be baptized for my husband." She also said that she has prayed about being baptized and feels like now is not the time. I guess you can´t win them all.
We have this family who has a date to be baptized but the parents have to be married first, and let me tell you after them talking to us about all their marital problems I will never become a marriage therapist. They already have 12 years together and August is free weddings at city hall, we just need them to realize how much the gospel will hep them in their marriage. But I´ve never been married, so what do I know?
The power went yesterday morning in the whole town so we had church without lights or fans or microphones. It kind of hindered our attendence. We only had 61. Poeple don´t want to come if there aren´t fans, but we are working on fixing the generator.
There is this adorable three year old girl, named Fanny, who is the duaghter of some investigators and everytime she sees us she looks up at me and whispers "quiero que me canten una cancion." It is so cute. So we sing her the first verse of I am a Child of God and she smiles. I just want to see her sing it primary some day.
Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!!
Love you all. The Church is true. Peace out.
Hermana Odekirk

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