Monday, August 25, 2014

Aqui en Santa Rita‏

A minute ago Elder Moreno came over to me and asked me how to spell pamphlet/pamflet because he is trying to write to Klein in english. I responded, "Freak, hombre I have no idea. I think it is ph, but I can't remember." He then asked Hermana Andujar because her english rocks, but she didn't know either so they google translated it but it brought up brochure. After all this effort Elder Moreno just looked at me and said, "All I know is that God loves his children."

Santa Rita is the most rural area I've been in. We tried to go out to lunch today but we didn't find much. We are literally hiking through the mountains to get to parts of our area, it's super cool. The Hermanas before left us with a couple of really solid progresing investigators. 

Hermana Andujar is wonderful!! She is already giving really good ideas and isn't afraid to take the lead in a lesson. She is challenging people to be baptized y todo. She came pretrained.

We went to church yesterday it felt wierd because they have a Gospel Principles teacher, it's not just the missionaries. We had 88 people in sacrament meeting and they tell me that usually this ward has about 110 or 120. We'll get it back up there. I'm excited to work here in Santa Rita.

ON my birthday Presidente Klein called to say happy birthday and he also explained to me that strengthening Santa Rita is really important to being able to open Yoro, and I want my fourth area to be opeing Yoro so I'm going to work really hard here. 

He also told me to work with Clarity and Charity. Clarity tells us that church starts at nine o'clock every sunday, but charity tells us that it's okay to start at 9:15 so that more members will be there. THat's something I've really had to learn, that being a church of order is never more important than the people.

My birthday was great! I got lots of texts and phone calls from all my missin friends. In the morning I was about to go downstairs to start my personal study when the 3 hermanas I live with surprised me with a cake!! It was so cute!!

Also on Firday, we were late to Noche de Hermanamiento and the Elders called to ask if we were coming and I was all embarrassed for being late. We got there and the elders were in the foryer looking all serious. Elder Moreno said Suazo, You tell them the story. Elder Suazo proceeded with this really serious story about how they were walking... and they  were worried... because they realized... they hadn't wished me a happy birhday!! and then he pulled out a card they got me. I was super worried there for a minute. ha ha

Hermana Andujar speaks more spanglish than any missionary I've ever met. Voy a hacer mi personal study, or cuando yo estaba en high school. I love it, it's super funny. It's interesting to have her for my companion because it is almost like having a gringa companion, because Puerto Rico is almost like America. 

It's super weird to think that if I had never come on the mission I would be starting my third year of college today. Whaaaaaaaa?

Before my mission I bought some Teeva sandals for about $70. They're great! Hermana Davis has the same shoes, except she bought hers at a second hand store here in Honduras and the people running the store didn't understand how expensive these shoes are so she bought hers for $16. 70 to 16, you gotta love Honduras.

During personal study one of our neighbors was listening to The Reason by Ubistank. When was the last time you heard that song?

Well, have great week! And happy aniversary to my mom and dad!! I love them a whole heep.

Hermana Odekirk


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