Monday, September 1, 2014

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Well, folks things are starting to settle down in Santa Rita. I know my area a little better and we are getting a solid group of investigators. Hermana Babb and Hermana Villegas left us with some rock star investigators. (Yeah, Hermana Holdaway, they´re rockstars) I thought we would be doing a ton of contacting these first few weeks, but we haven´t really done that much. ALthough, we need to contact more because I hate it and it´s awkward and I need to get over it and do it. That´s probably why Heavenly Father sent me train while opening an area.

One of the rock start families that Babb and Villegas left us with is the familia Flores. We set for a baptism date for the 27 of septiembre. They are reading and praying and they want to do this together as a family. They´re awesome. The only problem is they need to get married and if there is anything a missionary in Honduras knows it´s that gettng married in Honduras is not an easy task.

The Ward Mission Leader introduced us to one of his friends (which has been a little weird for me because I´ve never really had a ward mission leader before so I´m learning to work with him  more). We gave the friend a pamphlet and made an appointment to go to his house and meet his family. When we went to meet them yesterday they were so excited to see us. One of the daughters went inside and pulled out three Book of Mormons (it´s Book of Mormons, not Books of Mormon because it is a proper noun, a title, just so we´re all clear). Turns out the missionaries were visiting them about a year ago and one of the duaghters said that she reads the Book of Mormon every night. I can´t wait to teach them more!! Miracle!!

Yesterday a stray dog wandered into the sacrament room in the middle of sacrament meeting. Honduras.

We went grocery shopping last week and Hermana Andujar wanted some mayo. She looked at it and said, "Mayonesa comes in a bag here?" I laughed for second because I legitimately forgot that in other countries things don´t come in bags. Here in Honduras everything comes in a bag: mayo, milk, sour cream, water. 

Hermana Andujar was telling me a story and she mentioned that she and her sister were going to go to Sam`s to eat pizza, and I said, "Esperese, Sam`s?" and she said, "Yeah, Sam`s Club." Most of my companions don´t know what Wal-mart is, let alone go get pizza at Sam`s club. It rocks having a companion from Puerto Rico because she understands a lot of things about my culture that my other comp├ánions have´t understood. 

She also mentioned that in Puerto Rico they sing the national anthem of Puerto Rico and the United States. So we looked at the national anthem in my english hymn book and then I sang all three verses really loudly. Then I looked up all the scriptures on the pages of the patriotic songs and marked them in my spanish scriptures with an american flag. That´s right, Hermana Holdaway, `Murica.

I was reading a biography about Gordon B. Hinckley and I found out the B stands for Bitner. Bitner! If I remember correctly one of great grandma´s maiden name is Bitner. I am officially declaring it my mom`s job to find out how I`m related to President Hinckley.

I have over forty mosquito bites on my calves. I`ve had mosquito bites for the last ten months. Also, I hit ten months on saturday.

Have a great week! The church is true.

Hermana Odekirk

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