Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekly Update

I just read all my emails and eventhough I`m sure no one cares I wanted to share some of the emails I got today because they made me super happy.

1. CAssidy Lloyd Sent me a picture of a high school football game in Florida where she is serving a mission. Did you know I love high school football with all my heart? Especially when it`s with Caissidy Lloyd. "It was a Christmas Miracle!" " Fannypack fannypack"

2. "Sister Odekirk,

Hello! At the start of this semester I've realized how much I miss coming home and geeking out about trebuchets to you and complementing your superior sister missionary style. And trying to marry strangers. I'm living in Moen again, and I have five freshman roommates. They think I'm so wise and hilarious, so I like them. Now I know what Carol felt like. My sister got married to a motorcycle stuntman this weekend so I'm at home eating left over cupcakes. Anyways, hope the mission is going well. Send me the link to your blog!


P.s. Oh and I'm turning in my mission papers in the next few weeks. Surprised? Me too.

P.s.s And I'm building the COOLEST trebuchet."

Did you know I conviced T-harm to become a certified minister on on True Aggie night two years ago so that we could marry a couple on the A?

3. Hermana Saylin and I were emailing about hymns we sing in Honduras todos los dias and the following conversation occured.
    Me: "I sing Te Damos SeƱor Nuestras Gracias about ten times a week
    Kate: "and they slide the gracias hahahahah"
    Me: "OH MY GOSH!!!!! I FREAKIN HATE IT!!!!!!! IT BUGS THE CRAP OUT OF ME EVERY TIME!!!! Beh. But they are children of God."
    Kate: "i can always count on you to be real with me. none of this i'm a missionary and i love everything crap. YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL.

4. From Deanna Wheeler (she just got married but I can`t remember her last name now, I think it`s Wilson... awkward.)  "PS- remember when we talked about getting on the Ellen show? I haven't gotten there yet, but if I ever do I'll be sure to invite you if I can!"

The point of all this being that even though I`m a missionary I`m still the same old Savannah Odekirk I`ve always been. It`s just that now I speak spanish and I love banana soda and I understand way more about the Abrahamic Covenant than I did before. 

You know you`re a missionary in Honduras when: 
  1.For part of District Meeting every week you spend time helping the latin missionaries learn english.
   2: The example sentences are: We do not like apostasy. We do not see our investigator. The pastor does not have authority.

Only in Honduras can you look at a taxi driver and say we don`t don`t have any money but can you take us to the punto and says yeah get in. People here are so kind.

Rosa and Heidi totally want to get baptized! But they have to get married. Rosa even told a lady at work, "i don`t go to any church but if I did I would go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." I love them tons. and they came to the women`s conference!! Which was a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It 6:05 and I was all stressed because we were waiting for Heidi and Rosa and we were late. I got a call from the sisters from Morazan who came to watch the conference because they don`t have a chapel in morazan, and they asked if we were going to watch the confernce because the chapel was locked. Heidi and Rosa finally showed and we walkd to the chapel where all the Morazan women  were waiting outside (only one family from Santa Rita came btw) So I called the bishop  a thousand times and he told me that he was in  San Pedro so would have to go to his house to get the keys. We then did some unathorized splits so Andujar could stay with our investigators and I could go with Hermana Turner to get the keys. We called the ZLs to come set up the projector because we didn´t know how and we watched the second half of the conference. But at least Heidi and Rosa said they felt the spirit.

Transfers are this week and we are 99% sure that both Hermana Andujar and I will be here in Santa Rita six more weeks. 

Sorry it was a really long email this week. If you don't like it don't read it. The Church is true. Banana soda rocks.

Hermana Odekirk

P.S. Baleadas eaten: 262 My rate has slowed now that we area making our own food.

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