Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Two Weeks in Santa Rita‏

So I´ve been thinking about it a lot for the last five months and I´ve come to the conclusion that the shower in my apartment in Olanchito was WAY colder than any other shower I´ve used. It was so cold my head would start to hurt when I rinsed the shampoo and I dreaded showering everyday, but in Tela and here in Santa Rita it´s really not that bad.

We were eating dinner with some members on Tuesday and we sitting outside, when all of a sudden their cat jumped on my arm and dug it´s claws in like my was arm was a tree or a scratching post because it was trying to eat my chicken soup. (Yes, Daniel, more adventures with wildlife) Also, yesterday I was sitting on this pile of dirt teaching a lesson and when I put my hand down on the pile I accidentally put it in chicken poop!! It was a pleasant experience. Then about four mintues later I had a giant spider on my scriptures, and on friday I had a cockroach in my scriptures and we had a bunch of slugs in our back yard. Yep, this is life in Honduras.

There has been marching band music EVERYWHERE this week because all the high schools were practicing for the 15 de Septiembre celebrations. It made be trunky because it made me think of going to footballs games in high school. We went to go watch the parade this morning and it was cool. They had the marching band and dancers and all the kids on the honor roll walked by. 

Wednesday was Childrens Day here in Honduras. At school they play games all day. We spent the whole morning helping a less active make hamburgers for all the kids in her daughter´s class. People have parties with piñatas. All the kids get candy and a new outfit. It is a really cool day. Hermana Andújar and I have decided we are going to celebrate childrens day our kids some day. 

Thursday we splits with the Líderes Entrenadoras. Andujar went to Progreso with Hermana Baltazar and I stayed here with Hermana Ashcraft. I had never really worked with Hermana Ashcraft before so it was fun.

We taught on of our progresing investigators the law of chastity and it was SO sad. We explained to her that she needs to get married if she wants to get baptized and she was so sad because she has a sincere desire to be baptized but her boyfriend doesn´t want to get married. We are going to try and get to know the boyfriend better this week because he runs and hides everytime we come by.

We are still stuggling with all our other investigators con fecha that need to get married.

On saturday we went to teach Mirsa. In our first lesson with her a few weeks ago we taught the Restoration and she said she believes that it is all true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I challenged her to be baptized and she said yes. I was hesitant to be excited though, because I meet a lot of people who say they believe Joseph Smith was a prophet and they want ot be baptized but they don´t really mean it. We came back the next day to pick her up for church and she said she was going to go to her church. Yesterday we went to teach her again and see if there is any real `potential there. We asked her if she had read in the Libro de Mormón and she said yes. We asked what she learned and she said about José Smith and la iglesia mormona. I asked her where she read and she then showed me · Nefi 11. FACE-PALM!! She didn´t read anything. Ay estas personas! Andúhar and I had a good laugh about it after. 

Well this is my life. Happy Birthday to the montón de personas that are completing años this months. You know who you are. 

Love you all. The Church is true.

Hermana Odekirk
Bueno pues. 

I finished reading the Book of Mormon again and I read the Libro de Mormon in it´s entirety. I feel super accomplished. 

Eventhough our house has water we were still having to bucket water into the toilet because it wasn´t flushing but then I fixed it all by myself. As my aunt JeRee always says, "I am woman." I can fix a toilet. I really love having a toilet that flushes.

Happy big 20 to Sierra because she didn´t understand my spanglish.

I saw a kid with Lightening McQueen shoes and I started laughing. When Hermana Andújar asked my why I was laughing I said, "Because in spanish it would be Relámpagos McReina." She didn´t appreciate how hilarious I am. 

I finished washing my hands and naturally flicked water in Andújar´s face. I then asked "Ha visto Avatar: the Last Airbender" She then laughed and said, "Hermana, no vivo en la jungla!" (I don´t live in the jungle) I love the way she understands all my American references.

I took off the nail polish on my toes to repaint them and I realized that the nail on my second toe on my right foot is super gross and is coming off and the new nail is growing in underneath it. Bleh. I have no idea why. But I just painted over it and am letting it ride, so hopefully it all goes well.

Denison Lopez is my favorite. He is 12 and he is the only active member in his family. His mom is great too. We met his mom our first week here but she didn´t seem interested, but as we´ve been visiting Denison she has shown more and more interest. AND she came to church yesterday!! She said her three oldest kids have been members for four years but it was the first time she had come to church. We taught her the Restoration yesterday and we challenged her to be baptized and she said "yes, but I have to be married first." I´m so excited for her!! Yet another person I have to get married. Keep praying for marriage miracles.

We taught Heidy tithing yesterday and she was so receptive. Everything we teach her she believes. She quite drinking coffee. She has come to Noche de Hermanamiento twice but still hasn´t come to church. She has a real desire to get baptized! but... she has to get married! Ay! I´ve never had so many investigators with this problem. My DL has a year and he says he has never successfully married a Honduran couple. Keep praying. 

This morning we took the bus to La Sarosa and had a pday de zona con Presidente and Hermana Klein. It was so awesome. We played kickball!! Tons of fun.  I roled in there in my Utah State t-shirt and Presidente told me that Hermana Klein went there. I was talking to her about how wonder Utah State is (she has attended SLCC, Weber, BYU and she said Utah State was her favorite. Just BTW) and I found out she lived in MOEN HALL!! True story. Hermana Klein is just about my favorite person ever. She also brought us snack packs. Yeah Sierra, snack packs. 

We have three niños on date for el 8 de Octubre and they´re niños so they don´t have to get married!! They are so cute!! I love them.

Pues, that´s all for now folks. Remember the church is true. 

Hermana Odekirk

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