Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This week we had multizone conference and it totally rocked like it always does. You know you´re a missionary in Honduras when Hermana Klein gives hand sanitizer as a birthday present and you all say, "Yes!! Hand Sanitizer! I´ve been needing that."

The multizone made us all really trunky because Presidente Klein spent the whole time talking about the importance of the temple... and we can´t got to the temple."Very sad." ("Charlie died. Very sad." You´re my best friend if you know what that´s from) It was a really good conference though. I learned a ton. A family history consultant came to talk to us about the importance of working on family history with our recent converts and how to use family search. AND for lunch we had chicken cordon bleu! We always get to eat something from America when we go to multi.zone conference.

Also at the multizone, we were all getting ready to leave, but we wanted to go to the bathroom first. Hermana Turner was starting to open the bathroom door when all of a sudden I just started shouting "No, no, no, no, no!!!!" She stopped opening the door and realized that she was opening the door to the men´s bathroom!! She very promptly went into the women´s room with her companion while Hermana Andujar and I laughted so hard we cried. Meanwhile a bunch of Elders came out of the bathroom. We very narrowly avoided a very uncomfortable situation.

In Spanish endure to the end is perseverar hasta el fin. Presidente Klein once gave us a whole lesson about how it should be servir (serve) hasta el fin. If we are serving others and serving God and serving in our church callings we will never fall away. I really really liked that lesson and I teach this principle to people all the time, and I´m super excited because this week when I was reading El Libro del Mormon I found this scripture in Moroni 6:3 "And none were received unto baptism save they took upon them the name of Christ, having a determination to serve him to the end."

It´s been raining every night this week. One night we were walking under our umbrellas and I was shivering and Hermana Andujar just laughed at me and said I´m going to die when I get back to Utah because it´s not very cold right now. I just said, "Ya soy Catracha!" The most irrtating part is I don´t have anyway of knowing what the temperature actually is.

Our DL Elder Moffit called to get our datos on thursday and I was speaking spanish to him. At one point he realized that he was speaking with me and not with Hermana Andujar like he thought. He laughed and said that that means my spanish is getting better if someone mistakes you for your latin companion. Sí hombre!!

We went to visit a less active woman, we´ll call her Maria, and she is so full of apostasy I was astounded!! She got baptized a few years ago but went inactive after about a year. She started listing off all these reasons she stopped coming to church. One of which is that one of the members started telling her she should get her patriarchal blessing, that the patriarch will tell her when she´ll die, how many children she´ll, if she´ll be poor. She looked me and yelled that it was WITCHCRAFT! I´ve never met someone with so much apostasy. I calmly explained to her that I´ve gone to a patriarch and received my blessing and it doen´t tell me any of that. I think we are going to have some intersting visits with her in the future.

All of our investigators that have promise aren´t married, and you have to be living the Law of Chastity to be baptized. Do you know how hard it is to get married in Honduras?? There is a reason no one gets married here. Beh. Oh well, we´ll pray and figure it out.

Have a great week!!

Hermana Odekirk

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