Monday, January 12, 2015

Do IT!

Yesterday at lunch Elder Clouse was telling us his plan to convince India to go war with China and somehow rule the world, so naturally I said, "The world is a mess and just want to rule it!" No one got the refernce!! I miss home where people get my jokes!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Hollie yesterday.

THis morning we watched Kungfu Panda 2 in the High Council room then we played Monopoly Deal and ate pizza. THings are getting exciting here in Las Colinas! *sarcasm hand*

Presdidente Klein dropped a bomb this week. From now on there will be no Reunion de Cambios. Now you just go straight from you old area to your new one. No traveling to La Lima, no seeing your friends or hearing tesitmonies of the missionaries who are leaving or seeing the presentation of the new kids. Nothing. It wil be interesting to see how things go this next change.

Also, the mission department cut the size of our mission. Now we´ll only 170 missionaries, so we´ll probably only have 20 or 30 hermanas in the whole mission. It´s going to be weird.

On Tuesday we woke up at 2:00am to go La Lime for Leadership council. The meeting was good, but the best part was when Klein LET US WATCH MEET THE MORMONS!!!!!! It was awesome!!! And he brought the twizzlers he owed me. Meet the Mormons is really good and ya´ll should go see it.

We finally left Lima at about four. We jumped in a rapidito to go to Progreso and find a bus to Ceiba. Normally from Lima to Progreso is about 20 minutes but there was a HUGE traffic jam. Our bus driver decided to go on the OPPOSITE side of the road to pass all the traffic. It took almost an hour to get to Progreso. We finally got to Progreso and waited on the corner for a bus to pass by. On came but before we could decide if we wanted to take it the driver got impatient and left. As they passed by the ZLs from Tocoa waved at us form inside the bus. I realized the elders from Tocoa left at like 2:00! They were in that traffic for THREE HOURS!!! We laughed until we cried, but ELder Brimmley pointed out that at least the Elders from TOcoa were in a bus and we laughed even more. We didn´t make it back to Ceiba until about 9:00 that night.

I am so excited to more Family HIstory when I get home! I was reading a talk called The Book, and I really like how he said that family history should be a part of our personal worship, the same as prayer or church attendence.

Have a great week! Do family history work.

Hermana Odekirk

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