Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm Busy

Yet another week of being super super busy but not get a lot of work done haha.

I´m Sister Training Leader now (apperently Sierra didn´t know that, so I´m stating it explicitly, in english) so this week we did divisions in Roatán. There are two companionships of hermanas there so we were there three days. We had to take a two hour ferry over to the island. It is super cool. 

When you are in the streets where turists walk it is the cleanest Honduran city I´ve seen. There is no trash in the street. But if you go back to where the locals live all the houses are wood and everything is muddy and wet and it´s the dirtiest city I´ve seen and it´s sad. 

While in Roatán I completed one of my mision goals! I met gringo tourist members! One of my goals has been get stopped on the street by members who are here on vacation and it finally happened. Twice! One family was from salt Lake and the other from Idaho. Yay for a world wide church!

There are tons of cruise ships that stop in ROatán and seeing them all made me trunky. (This is the part where everyone convinces my  dad to take us on a cruise this summer *wink wink*)

In Honduras men only play soccer. That´s it. Hermana Zamora and I were laughing because in Consejo de Barrio we found out that the Bishop gave the young men a goal to learn a new sport and they didn´t do it. hahahaha

Preisthood session and general women´s meeting are not that same thing. In women´s conferences it´s all about "you´re beautiful daughters of God, don´t be so hard on yourselves,  you don´t need to be perfect..." but I was reading "Lord, Is It I?" by Utchdorf in the priesthood session and the differnce was apperent. He said to stop thinking about other people need to improve and really ask yourself what you can do better. It´s a really good talk, but the differnce makes me laugh.

Today is Tuesday. I couldn´t write yesterday because Presidente Klein called us to an emergency meeting to plan the trainers meeting. You know what that means: four hour bus ride to San Pedro!! We spent 7 hours talking about retention and how we can use the area book more affectively and improve the way we are training new missionaries. It was a good meeting. and I ATE MCDONALDS!! I hadn´t eaten McDonalds in over 14 months.

I frequently ask investigators, "For you personally, who is Jesus Christ?" the answer I receive most is "Jesus is everything, Él es todo" My purpose as a missionary is to invite others to come unto Christ, so I ask people, "what did Christ do for you? How does He help you?" and it breaks my heart to hear everyday that peopel don´t really have a specific answer, they don´t really know who Christ is. They say, "he died for me" but they have no understanding of how his dying actually helps them. So here is the thing, Jesus Christ is your savior. He died on the cross to pay for your sins, so that you don´t have to pay for them. All you have to do is have faith in Him, repent, be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost and endure to the end. Jesus Christ made it possible for you, YOU specificly, to become a better person, to overcome your faults. He loves you and wants to help you. Jesus Christ is your Savior and he loves you. Never forget that and never forget that it is only repenting and APPLYING the Atonement in our lives that we receive all the blessings of the sacrifice that Christ made for us.

Now I am going to bring up a question that will cause conflict at the next Erickson family dinner. I´ve been trying to mark in Book of Mormon every time is makes refernce to Jesus Christ but I have hit a snag: the word, "the Lord." In my understanding the lord can be used to refer to God or Jesus Christ. The Bible dictionary only makes refernce to Jesus Christ. So here is my question, in 3 Nefi 1:12 Nephi is praying to "the Lord" and "the voice of the Lord" says to him, "on the morrow come I into the world." THis is clearly refering to Christ, so the question is, in Nephi praying to Christ? All my knolwedge tells me no, but the wording of the scriptures make it seem like yes. I´m confused. Help.

Sometimes being a missionary makes you feel really bad about yourself because you are constantly hearing about how great the missionaries before you were. ALWAYS, but you never get to hear if the members in your old areas say good things about you, you just continue constanly hearing about how wonderful other missionaries are.

Have a great week!

Hermana Odekirk

P.S. 386 Baleadas

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