Monday, January 26, 2015

It is 70 degrees and raining in Honduras. I brought one hoodie on the mish and ocassionaly I wear it around the house when it´s cold and today is the first day of my whole mission I¨m wearing it outside, with the rain jacket my mom mailed me last year. Two years ago in Logan I went outside in 32 degrees because I felt so warm and now it´s 70 and I feel cold. Yep. Bienvenida a Honduras.

This morning I had some extra time so I was using the coloring book my mommy mailed me. There are these pages where it gives you a picture of a reindeer and you have to copy it but I wasn´t doing them because I can´t draw, but then I realized I´m always saying I want to learn to draw!!!! What am I doing??? So, I copied that picture of Rudolph! and you know what? It turned out really well. :) Guess who has two thumbs and is completing her purpose on purpose on his earth by learning and growing. This girl.

In the liahona in Decmber there is a story about a potatoe for the teacher and it is REALLY good. You all need to go read it and then take action.

Last monday in our emergency meeting Presidente Klein talked about how we need two relationships: love God and love our projimo (other people). He explained that loving God is faith and loving your projimo is charity. I thought it was cool, but then it got even cooler on thursday when this member was singing the primary song "How could the father show the world..." and in spanish it says "what does He ask of us? Faith and charity." Boom. That´s what God wants of us: we strengthen with Him and love others. It´s so simple.

Hermana Holdaway goes to BYU and the other day asked me who BYU´s rival is. She didn´t know. So here is my thing, if you´re going to be a cougar, BE  cougar. If you going to be an aggie BE an aggie. If you´re giong to be mormon BE  mormon. If you´re going to be a catholic BE a catholic. I don´t care what you do with your life, but do it right. Do it with your whole heart, might, mind, and strength. If you go to BYU learn that your rival is the Utah Utes.

We went to Turjillo on divisions this week and it was great! I love Trujillo. On the way there this preacher got on the bus and started preaching (which is normal here in Honduras). He said a lot of things I agree with. He came by asking for money so we gave a few lemps, and said thank you for his words. Then hermana Zamora offered him a Book of Mormon and he not only took it but asked us, "Can you mark the scripture where is says if it´s a church of moses it would be called the church of moses and if it´s a church of Christ it would be called the church of Christ?" So we marked the chpater for him and offered him more pamphlets and then he got off the bus. He was a really good guy.

We had ward council yesterday nad it rocked! The area of central america is starting a bunch of new stuff that I think is going to be great. One thing we talked about it is that things like presidency meetings are not just to plan activities. I remember when I was Laurel president we just planned mutual activities but THAT´S NOT THE PURPOSE. THe purpose of ward council or whatever meeting we go to in the church should be about how to help the people in the organization. Recognizing specific needs of specific people and specific solutions. Great things are going to be happening in central america soon.

"Peace and blessings. Peace and blessings."

Hermana Odekirk

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