Tuesday, February 3, 2015

15 months, 400 baleadas, and 10 lempiras‏

This week was the first full week we had working in our area in two months. It was hard. We are doing so much contacting and no one wants to listen to us, but we are just getting more creative.

I have eaten 400 baleadas! 409 here I come.

Last week Sierra wrote about the first questions she asks when she gets to an area, so I figured I would share mine too.
    1. How long is the bus ride to our area?
    2. Does our house have running water?
    3. Are the roads paved?
    4. Are there decent grocery stores or just the Dispense Familiar?
    5. What´s sacrament meeting attendence like?
    6. How much time do you have?

This week I hit fifteen months and had a missin first that day: I got robbed. We were walking down the street and this drunk guy was walking toward us. He walked up to us and had a newspaper in front of him. He said he had a 9mm shot gun behind the newspaper and was going to shot if I didn´t give 10 lempiras (which is basically nothing ha ha). I new he didn´t have a big shot gun behind that newspaper but he might have something so I started pulling 10 limps and i aksed him if he remebered us, because he is the brother of a member and we had met him before. He said no and i give him the 10 limps and Hermana Zamora and I laughed really hard when we walked away.

I was reading "Make the Exercise of Faith Your First Priority" by Elder Scott and it totally reinforced my belief that everything we do in this church, pray, scripture study, FHE are there for one reason and one reason only- to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement. Sometimes we forget the purpose. We get so cuaght up in planning YW activities and FHE that we forget that the purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to help us develop faith Jesus Christ and His Atonement, REPENT, be baptized, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end. Everything should help us do these five things.

Also, EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HAS TIME FOR DAILY SCRIPTURE STUDY. As a missionary I ask people if they read and they say they had to work or they study. Boo hoo. If you really had a desire to read you could find ten minutes out of your day to read a little. I understand that you work all day and your tired but you can still do it. It´s a commandment.

I emailed my sister a copy of the draft of my resume that I made half an hour ago and this is what she said, "your english is pretty terrible so dad or I should just make a resume for you" Puchika.

My ward mission leader´s name is Juan Fernando. His son´s name is Fernando Daniel and the other son´s name is Erik Fernando. It´s a little confusing, but when in doubt just say Fernando.

a YW leader once said to me that it never rained before Noah and the Flood. Check BD Rain.

Cheque, that´s all for this week folks. The church is true. Christ is our Savior.

Hermana Odekirk

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