Monday, February 16, 2015

Do you guys even understand how much time I have in the mission?? This is how much: this week an office elder called me to ask which airport I want to fly home to!!!!!!! And then today I got my itinerary in my email! bah Scary.

I did divisions with Hermana Haight this week. At one point when we were home at night I went to put socks on because I was cold, but she only has a couple months and still hasn´t adjusted to the heat so she said I was crazy. When we got in bed I took my socks off and said her, "Hermana I´m taking my socks off because I´m not cold anymore." She just said, "you were never cold!!" ha ha We´ll see if she feels cold next Janurary!

We also did divisions in... Olanchito!! I love Olanchito so much, I can´t even describe it. And I got to dothe divisions with my hija HERMANA DIAZ!  I love her. We just laughed whole day. The last time we were in Olanchito I mentioned to the Hermanas about a part member we had been teaching a year ago, they went and looked them up and now they are going to church again. Diaz and I visited them this week and it was so great to them again. I really hope it sticks and Erika gets baptized.

When I was in Olanchito we baptized a guy named Manuel. I had heard that he moved to Sonaguerra a few months back, but in Olanchito Presidente Gomez told me he talked to Manuel last week and he is still going to church in Sonaguerra!! Then when we got back to Ceiba I asked Elder Clouse who just came from Sonaguerra if he knows him (I thought it was long shot) and he told me yes!! Manuel takes the bus to church every week and he bought the Elders a bag of lichas!! It made me whole day! I feel like I did what I came here to do.

I used to be really irritated that sisters can´t zone leaders and stuff like that because I thought I would enjoy it, but now I know that zone leaders are ALWAYS on the phone. They always have some problem to solve because some other elder is being an idiot. I´m so grateful to my Heavenly Father that women do not hold the priesthood and I can´t be ZL or Bishop or any other position that is super super hard. (Not that being ZL is as hard a being a bishop... you know what I¨m saying)

Sometimes we do language study at night, but I´m tired and I still want to write in my journal so I just write in my journal in spanish so I can count it as language study. My kids will have to google translate a few pages. hah

We went  to visit this woman in our ward who has been a little less active these last few months. We really love this family, they are super great, so us and the elders have been worried about them. We went to see them and that day their 1 year old son got out of the hospital. We taught the mom a lesson and she shared an experience with us. She said she was walking down the street crying because she didn´t have money to pay the hospital and the bank was going to close and she didn´t even have money to take a taxi to get to the bank before it closed, but then this random taxit driver pulled over and said he would take her for free. He explained that he offered to take her because he believes it is the christian thing to do. She cried as she told that in that moment she knew God loved her and is always mindful of her and her family. We felt the spirit so strongly I didn´t even want to speak when she finished, I just asked if we could finish with a pray. There was nothing any of the four of us could say to add to spirit in the room. 

I love Honduras. It´s a really crappy country but I love it with all of my heart. This morning we walked to the beach and tried to fly homemade kites but there wasn´t any wind. Then Zamora and I went to the centro and went shopping and I just loved it. I love that the streets are dirty and there´s way too many power lines. I love walking throught the park central and seeing the big catholic church and all the buses and people are always selling things, everywhere you go. I love this place.

Have a great week! Eat Church´s Chicken. Fly a Kite.

Hermana Odekirk 

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