Monday, October 27, 2014

Armadillos, hammocks, and the "cold"

One of my favorite investigators (who never comes to church and it is sups (that was for you, SIerra) frustrating!) gave armadillo the other day. It was really good. She also gave us SOPA DE MONDONGO!! Nooooooo!!!! I ate it and it wasn't that bad. If I didn't tell you it was the intestine of a cow you would just think it is really fatty beef. In fact I think I ate it in Olanchito once but I only had a week in Honduras and didn't know what it was.

Region family history expert came to Santa RIta last week. I have now seen his presentation four times. He has come to every one of my areas and a zone conference. I really love family history work, but sometimes it is frustrating because I want to help people do it, but no one has a computer here and the chapel doesn't have a family history library, so it's not always easy to get people involved. The ward had a family history night before they went to the temple last week. THey had three laptops and helped the ward members get some names for the temple. Maybe we need to make that a thing we do more often.

We had this investigator who doesn't like el Libro del Mormon. She said she won't pray about it because she isn't 100% sure it's true. ugh. Praying about it is the way to become 100% sure it's true!!!!!!! I wanted to flip a chair! (Shout out to Moen)

Andujar and I were planing a lesson and we were discussing if we wanted to teach all of lesson one or just the first half and she said, "I think we should teach it until the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Do you mean Christ's Earthly Ministry? Or you do you want to teach all of the Restoration AND Plan de Slavacion AND Gospel of Jesus Christ? ha ha I've been giving her a hard time about it all week.

I've also been giving her a hard time because we were in a lesson with this lady. It was the first lesson and we asked her to pray at the end. The lady was praying and there was long pause and she laughed a little bit. This happens sometimes when people are praying and they don't really know how to end it. I thought she might be done and I should just say amen but I decided to wait, when all of a sudden at the exact same moment the Andujar said amen and the lady began to pray again, so the lady just said amen too. Andujar said, "oh, were you done?" They lady said yes eventhough we all knew she wasn't done. It was super awkward. hahahahahahahaha

We went to teach this family who have two little kids and are always watching disney movies when we show up. We went inside the house sat down and noticed they were watchign the Lion King!! Yep. BUT  the mom started fast forwarding through the whole movie! That clearly is not accaptable. I was in shock but then I realized she was fast forwarding because Lion King 2 came after it and she wanted to watch that instead!! Ah, tiene razon. She then said she would be right back and left us in the room with her two kids and Lion King 2. It was rough, I can't ask two little kids to turn off lion king 2! But as a missionary I also can't watch tv. So what do you do? I just sang along and enjoyed it while it lasted. The mom came back after a REALLY long time. Too much time and we only had time to teach her a really short lesson about how God is her loving Heavenly Father. I've been having a problem with watching tv the last few weeks. 

We went to go see our recent convert Pepe and ask him how it went at the temple. He said it went great and asked when he can go again! He's a good kid. And last night we found his older brother wants to start coming to church. I'm really hoping we can baptize the whole family. 

When we showed up to teach Pepe he and his brother were making a hammock! Naturally we said, do you need any help? and I learned how to make a hammock!! It really isn't that hard. I've decided that some day my kids will have fond memories of spending the afternoon making a hammock with their mom.

It's been cold the last few days. ha ha Like 70 or 60 degrees cold. I wore a cardigan yesterday!! Last night I slept in my hoodie that I haven't worn since february, and pants, and socks. "Winter" is coming.

Transfers are this week but we haven't recieved the call that says if I go or not. I think Andujar and I will both be here until december, but hna Rosales thinks I am going this week. Vamos a ver!!

Love you all. Don't forget the church is true. Do your family history. Eat armadillo.

Hermana Odekirk

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