Monday, October 13, 2014

Someone in this internet cafe was just listening to Call Me Maybe and I really enjoyed it for a minute.

This week had a couple of mission firsts in it. For the first time in almost a year I have used all of my 2,000 limperas of the pay period. I have to use my reserve fund to buy groceries later today. I had been so proud of myself and my money managing skills but I got a little too confident this week and accidentally used all my money. Let´s all hope this never happens again.

We had divisions this week and for the first time I left my area and went and worked in sister training leaders´ area in Palermo. Palermo is really great. It´s super pretty and the mountains to one side remind me of home.

I walked in the door to the STL´s house and I saw couches. Couches!! I have never seen couches in a missionary´s apartment, only on the District videos. When we got home that night I relaxed on the couch and I realized it was the first time I had layed down on a couch almost a year.  In the morning I did personal study at the desk but then I planched and did language study on the couch and it felt so good. It was so comfortable and I felt like I was back home doing homework on the couch. ha ha

Also in Palermo, for the first time on my mission I went running. I had avioded it this whole time. I do my exercise everyday but I don´t run. I went running with Hermana Ramos and it really wasn´t that bad. I don´t know if hiking up the mountains of Santa Rita everyday has put me in shape or if it´s just that the air is thicker here than in Utah but I feel like I ran pretty far; Nonetheless, I don´t want to go running again.

When Andujar and i got to Palermo the STL still weren´t at the bus stop so we went to the Texaco to break my 500 limp. bill and I realized that I am my mother ´s child. I went in with the intent to buy a bottle of water and a maybe a candy bar, but came out with a bottle of water, a Twix, a cookies and cream  Hershey´s and a bag  American Doritos. (This might explain why I spent all my money with week) I love Texaco because they always have american candy.

We have this investigator who is wonderful and takes really good care of us and makes us lunch when we come over. (I no longer have that problem where everyone gives us food and I have to eat four dinners everyday. No one feeds us here) SHe told us she wants to make dinner for all the missionaries in Santa Rita. Great! She also said she wants to make sopa de Mondongo!! Noooooo!!!! Do ya´ll know what mondongo is???? It is the intestine, stomach, and feet of a cow!! We were telling one of the other hermanas that this investigator wants to give us mondongo and all of a sudden we heard Hermana Rodriguez yell from the kitchen, "WHO wants to gives us mondongo??" and she burst into the room. I asked her if she has ever eaten it because she is from Honduras and got all, "jamás voy a comer mondongo!!" I don´t know how to translate jamás... But the punchline is we are all praying she doesn´t give us mondongo.

Fernando and Pepe are on date to get baptized this saturday! Fernando is 9 and Pepe just turned 12. Pepe reads everything and has come to church the last three weeks in a row. I am really excited for him. 

No one is married yet. Elder Navas said we should just baptize all these people anyway. He said we´ll get to judgement and God will just let it slide because He understands how hard it is to get married here. It was super funny. Full of apostasy, but super funny.

Have a great week folks!! THe church is true.

Hermana Odekirk

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