Monday, October 20, 2014

No marriages, no earthquakes, and no luz‏

Hermana Saylin, who went back home because of her knee and is now going to BYU just sent me the following:  "Uhm lets talk about how our QB broke his leg in the game against Utah State and our undefeated streak was broken by yalls crap team. 
Love you sis 
Jorge Lo!"  
Sí hombre-e hail the Utah Aggies 

My friend Kelene asked my why it is hard to get married in Honduras and I realized I´ve never explained that. Firstly, here are some things my fellow missionsaries have said to me in the last two days about marrying people in Honduras:
     "Marrying people in Honduras makes me want to pluck my eyes out.  It's honestly the worst."
      "It´s not worth it. You should just stop trying. If you meet a couple who aren´t married you shouldn´t even try to teach them because they´ll never progress." 
Yep, we have a lot of hope here. It´s hard to marry people because, uno, people just don´t want to. They tell me "I´m not really sure I want to spend the rest of my life with him" and I¨m like um... you already have four kids and fifteen years together!! casense ya!! And dos, it is SUPER expensive to get married here, you have to pay for a billion different things of paper work. Tres, birth certifiactes aren´t a thing here so you have to go all the way to the town where you were born and get this paper that verifies that you were born and all that jazz, and a lot of people don´t even have the time or the money for bus fair to go to the town, let alone the 200 limps to get that paper work. 

Hermana Andujar and I felt our desk shaking during language study in the night and apparently it was an earthequake in El Salvador. 

Mary Magdelene and Mary of Bethany (the sister of Lazarus) are NOT the same person! I feel like everything I know is wrong...

The followiing paragraph is a little gruesome and a little explicit. Feel free to skip if you feel so inclined. 
This week the 18 year old son of one of our less active families that we visit various times a week was killed. He was shot 15 times. We went to go visit the family and the mom was the most hysterical person I´ve ever seen. She screamed and cried so much she passed out about 8 times. They put hand sanitizer under her nose and she woke back up. He was killed in the middle of the night but at ten oclock in the morning his body was still in the road (I never saw it) Eventually the police took him the nearest corener´s office in the nearest hospital which is about half an hour away. When we went back later that night the oldest son asked us to keep his mom calm while they bring the body home and get it all cleaned and prepared. She started screaming and crying again. It was hard. The good news is that yesterday for the first time I saw the whole family in church. I am hoping that this can bring some blessings for them.

The word Mandrake is in the Bible Dictionary. Harry Potter is real.

We had baptisms on Saturday!! Full of miracles. Pepe who is 12, Fernando 9 and Zamira is 8. Finding baptisimal clothes can be the most challenging part of the baptism but we found all the clothes super fast!! It only took a few days. I was shocked. On saturday we were getting everything all set and the power went out. That always happens. The elders got a generator going but it only had enough power for the sacrament room, so our plan was do all the talks and stuff in the sacrament room and then use flashlights to go do the baptisms. We had all the talks and right as we were about to go do the baptism that power came back on!! Miracle!! It was so great to see how this event brought the Campos family together. Geraldina, who is the mom of Fernando and Zamira and less active, bore her testimony and it was so sweet. 

All three of them were confirmed yesterday. Pepe also received the aaronic preisthood yesterday because there is a temple trip on wednesday and he wanted to go and I was all, "yeah, Pepe you can go to the temple!" but I didn´t know that he has to have the priesthood first. The first counsler of the stake presidency said, it´s all good we´ll just ordain him after this meeting. He didn´t even get interviewed by the bishop first, the hermano from the stake said,  "Hermana, there are exceptions to the rules." So... Pepe, has the priesthood and is going to temple this week. Woo!

I have eaten 289 baleadas. Only 121 left to go to hit my goal of 409!

In District meeting we were doing mayordomias where we write on the board the people who have a baptism date for the next few weeks. I was writing on the board and I looked at Andújar to ask if we had anyone else and Elder Tezen said, "Maria! There is always a Maria" De hecho, we DO  have a Maria. There is always a Maria and always a Carlos. True Story.

It´s hot in all times and in all things and in all places.
The church is true. 

Hermana Odekirk

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