Thursday, March 19, 2015


These last two transfers I have been craving a egg and ham breakfast burrito from Beto´s all the time. Zamora and I were talking with a member who happened to live in utah for a couple of years and she was telling us this story and she was all "  We were at Beto´s, do you know beto´s?" I almost screamed!      "When  you feel Beto´s you Beto´s, but when you don´t Beto´s you don´t Beto´s." -Deanna Wilson

She was at the drive through at Beto´s and she didn´t speak english yet. She was there with some women who had been the states for years so she assumed they spoke english but they didn´t. They wanted 4 burritos so one of them said "how do you say burritos in english? I think it´s donkey" so they askedthe lady at Betos for 4 donkeys! Then the lady asked if they spoke spanish and they ordered in spanish. Hermana Leti and Zamora and I laughed pretty hard.

I want Beto´s so bad!

I went to Las Acasias twice this week to get to know the area. It seems really great! I actually feel a little intimidated because it is a ward of over 200 people and they want to divide it soon. I´m excited for another adventure.

yesterday Hermana Orosko and I (not Hermna Zamora because she´s ending her mision so I¨m with Orosko until wednesday) were coming back from Las Acasias in a taxi and I noticed the taxi driver had a Real Madrid Sticker AND an F.C. Barcelona sticker. For you Americans who don´t know soccer (like I was) they are the biggest rivals int he world. So i asked why he has both of the stickers and he laughed and said, "because I don´t who is going to get in my taxi!" He said that if a Real sees that he only has a Barcelona sticker they´ll find another cab so he has to have both, but he´s really a Barcelona fan. IYou had to be there. I love Honduras.

I SHOOK THE HAND OF AN APOSTLE!!! We got up at two in the morning to take a bus to San Pedro. We had a conference with "la otra mision" San Pedro Sula West. It was really good. I really loved that Elder Anderson only talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Sometimes in this Church we get so cought up in planning activities and procedures and all that jazz that we forget the point of it all: strangthening our Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

A received her mission call yesterday so we thought "yeah we can take 15 mintues to go watch her open her call" but we didn´t know how the catrachos do it. Her brother stood in front of everyone in the house said, "wlecome to this mission call opening. I am conducting. We aer going to have an opening hymn and opening prayer by tal person." Then we listened to a talk by her cousin about missionary work, then there was a musical number, then we all guessed where we thought she was going. I thought she was about to open it but then her mom did another musical number! She finally opened it but there wasn´t time for being all excited because then her grandpa spoke, then her grandma gave a talk, then her dad , then her mom, then her aunt, and then Hermana Orosko and I were all "whoa, Ain´t no body got time for that. ya nos vamos." and we left. 
This paragraph was really long because I want you all to feel who long the mission call opening was. (She is going to Guate East btw)

I start my last transfer this week. It´s weird.

I´ve eaten 427 baleadas.

Hermana Odekirk

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