Monday, March 2, 2015

Oceans, Zits, and Baptisms!‏

This week we were a teaching this 12 year old convert named Brigeth. So is super super smart but has a hard time staying focused. At one point she told Hermana Zamora that the siz on her chin looked like a heart. hahaha I then got a good look at it and it really did look like a heart.

This week we did divisions with Miramar 1 again. So I went over to Miramar with Hermana Turner. They live about 50 yards from the beach!! It´s pretty. In the morning Turner and i went running on the beach. It was cool but it made my knees hurt.

At lunch one day Elder Monterrose challenged Elder Clouse to put two corn tortillas in his mouth at one time. Elder Clouse said no, so naturally Elder Monterrosa and I started chanting Elder Clouse, Elder Clouse. and I told him that the whole point of this life to learn new things, like puting tortillas in your mouth!! We were all screaming and Hermana Zamora was screaming about how there are poor kids in africa because she didn´t want him to do it. Eventually, he shoved the tortillas in his mouth and Elder Monterrosa and I started cheering. Meanwhile, the sister who makes us lunch and her kids were watching and laughing the whole time. It´s a hoot hers in Las Colinas.

Cassidy Lloyd just told me that Layton High won the state basketball championship. That rocks.

My spanish is getting so good that one day Zamora and I were speaking english to each other and I used the word especially. 

Some elders in my zone baptized a 7 yeat old!! hahaha The family told them he was eight but when the ZLs were looking over the baptismal registro a few days after the baptism they did the math and realized the kid was really only 7!!! hahaah We´ve been giving those elders a really hard time about it. 

On saturday we had an AMAZING service project with the ward. The whole ward came out to help a family in our ward. They nine people living in one bedroom house, and they really don´t keep it clean. We built tables and picked up trash. It was so great to see how everyone came together. The elders quorum president was teaching the young men how to saw and the women were organizing the kitchen (which is outside) and the ysa and other youth were picking up trash. It was great.

During the service project I had a mission first: I CHOPPED!!! Here everyone cuts the grass and plants with a machete but I´ve never done it because that´s something people ask men to do. I picked up a machete and a yound woman and i started chopping. I mentioned to Elder Clouse that it was the first time I had chopped and he looked at ground I had chopped and said, "Yeah, it shows." I guess I need more practice.

Another mission first this week: I filled the baptismal font myself! Just out of coinsidence there has always been someone else who does it.

We had to fill it because Aaron got baptized on saturday!! It was the best baptism I´ve ever been too. Hermana Zamora and I found Aaron our first week here and it has been so amazing to he how he has changed his life. He understands the Atonement and the purpose of baptism so well. 

I hope you all have a great week!! 

Hermana Odekirk


Fotos: Aaron at his baptism
     The kitchen we organized in the service project.

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