Monday, March 30, 2015

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So this week not much eventful happened.

This week Hermana Vasquez and I did divisions with the sisters in good ole Olanchito! I love Olanchito with all my heart. It´s just a small friendly town. It was so sad to know that this really was the last time i´ll see Olanchito, and all the people there.

On Tuesday we had a really  inspiring Zone Meeting and I just kept thinking "maybe I should extend another month" and then we did the divisions with Hermana de Leon who was supposed go home with me but she told me she´s extending!! So on friday I shot President Klein a text and asked if it´s too late for me to extend and he called me and just said, "youre telling me this now??" We talked and... it{s too late because the church already had my plane ticket booked, so don{t worry. I´m coming home April 30.

It´s official: Olanchito is WAY hotter than La Ceiba. I was dying when we did divisions. I love Olanchito but at this moment I´m grateful to be in Ceiba where it´s not as hot.

On my ipod I have a song by Motab "Old time religion" and it says basically that the religion of Moses is "good enough for me" and I thought: APOSTASY If that were true we wouldn{t need a modern day prophet. 

Hermana Vasquez and I have been working really hard and it feels so good. I loved Las Colinas but it got me really disannimated. Being in this new big area has given me more ganas (I don{t remember how to say ganas in english... I´m not sure it exists)  to work. WE have a lot of new investigators but not a lot of progressing investigators. We two with a date, but our most promising has a problem and we all know what it is: he needs to get MARRIED!!!!!!!!! But really though this guy is amazing. He comes to church, he reads all his assignments and I know sometime his girlfriend will turn around and realize they need to get married. I have faith.

One the young women in our ward has a friend who is a foreign exhange student from ITALY. It was so cool to talk to her at dinner last night. It made me trunky because someday I´ll make it over to Europe.

Hermana Vasquez went to visit a family of members because he is the Elders Quorum President and she is the Relief Society President. It was such a great experience to be in their home. We walked in just instantly felt good, we felt the Spirit. They were all so happy and you could see that it is because they are living the gospel in it´s fullest. I wish ever home could be like theirs.

Yes, today I complete 17 months. NBD

Baleadas: 436

Enjoy General Conference. Eat lots of Rice Krispey Treats. Cuidense mucho.

Hermana Odekirk

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