Monday, March 23, 2015


The mission is a year and a half of awkward and confusing moments. This week was full of those.

I was with Hermana Orosko for a few days leading up to transfers. I really clicked with her and was really hopeful that she would be my new companion. My ZLs never told her where she was going nor her ZLs so we assumed she must be coming with me!! About 10:00 the day of transfers I called my new ZLs in La Ceiba to ask something about my apartment and I mentioned that we were planning on getting to Las Acacias about 1:00 but Elder Vargas was all, "Hermana your new companion isn´t here yet" and I asked him, "what are you talking about? Hna Orosko isn´t my companion??" "No, hna Vasquez is your new compnaion." "Entonces, where is Hna Orosko going??" "um.... I don´know let me call the APs" There must have been a last minute switch. So we put Orosko on a but Mezapa and I´m here with Hermana Vasquez. It was pretty stressful morning.

On tuesday we had the trunkiest district meeting in the history of district meetings. Elder Hansgen decided we need to live what we teach (which is true) and he wanted to focus on lesson 5. So do you know what he had us do? He made us each write a list attributes of the "ideal mariage" (because lesson 5 is when we teach about eternal families)  then we all had to go around and share what we wrote.

We got to our new area on Wednesday went to look in our area book and let me tell you, getting white washed after elders os AWFUL!!!!!!  They had about five teaching records, their progress form most recent was in october and the teaching records of the recent converts don´t have telephone numbers!!! It´s a little frustraing but we are making it work. They also left the house really dirty , but whatever, it´s all good now.

Sunday we went to church and it was so weird. Las Acacias is a ward of about 200-250. I´ve never been in a ward this big before. I felt really unneeded. In some wards the missionaries have to do so much but here they all function just fine without us. It´s wierd but it´s really great. They´ve already given us lots of refernces and we already have a full dinner schedule set for this week. What more can a missionary ask for, right?

I am now missing TWO girls scout cookie seasons in a row. So i need people to but aa box a thin mints and save me some!!!!!!

I was browsing through this book called "honduras and the world" and it said that there are only 6 continents because south and north America are just one continent. That´s not what I learned... 

hermana Zamora taught a new phrase I really liked. "El es mi gallo" o "He is my rooster" It´s saying that you put your trust in him, he´s a really a good guy. If he were a rooster in a fight you would put money on him because he is your rooster.

Now that I am serving in a richer area of Honduras i see lots women with really pretty clothes and it makes me really baggy. Sometimes I really excited to go home and where high heals again. and drive a car, and bake cookies and all that jazz.

I´ve been thinking that last couple of months that need to improve my sacrament meeting worship. Not just show up and listen, but really think about the Savior during the Sacrament and think about how I can improve. It´s a work in progress.

Enjoy your week! Love the snow.

Hermana Odekirk

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