Monday, March 9, 2015

The surprises never stop!‏

So... do you remember how I said that President Klein said there is small chance he is going to close my area? Well, the APs called about an hour ago... Las Colinas 2 is getting closed and next week when transfers happen I am going over to Las Acacias. Las Acacias is another part of La Ceiba, but it is in another zone, so I´m really going to miss my zone and my district and the 2 elders here in Las Colinas. The good news is I still have a week and a half to enjoy my time here in Las Colinas. Hermana Zamora goes home next week so I´ll be getting a new companion. 

This Elder Duncan of first quroum of the Seventy came. He is also the President of the central american area. It was really great. He talked about how if we want to be good missionaries we have to have a vision of the perfect missionary. 

It was super funy because since the CCM we´ve been teasing Elder Marsh about how he grew up in the middle of nowhere because he is from Joseph Utah, and when we all got to shake Elder Duncan´s hand Elder Marsh said he was from Joseph Utah and Elder Duncan said, "where´s that??" Hermana Turner and I laughed so hard! Reverently, but hard.

Remember how I´ve been dreaming of opening Yoro for almost a year? President Klein talked to Elder Duncan and he said go for it!! I´m so excited that after all these years we will finaly see missionaries in Yoro but I¨m so bummed  I won´t be one of them. I walked up to President Klein and he just looked at me. Elder Moffit walked up and said, "It´s okay Hermana. I´ll take care of Yoro for you." Then President Klein said, "You can see in her eyes how much she wants to punch you right now." But haha to Elder Moffit too because he goes home the transfer after me so he won´t be able to open Yoro either. We did it guys. #yoro2015

So, Aaron got baptized that week and yesterday he BLESSED THE SACRAMENT!! We´re so proud! Also, we went to teach him Family History again and I expected that when I asked to his My Family book he wouldn´t have any of it done because no one ever does, but NO! He had made a chart with all his brothers, cousins, great grandparents, todo. And he had all their birthdays and where they were born. It was so great! We have an appointment tomorrow to get his Family Search account started. He is so pilas. I´m going to miss him so much when I go to Las Acacias.

I wrote my address worng on my mission papers and now every time I have to type my address I get really nervous and have to check like five times. ha ha

Enjoy your week!

Hermana Odekirk

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