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Divisions, Conference and Painted Baby Chicks

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Hermana Hill and Tajiboy came to go on splits with us on Tuesday. It rocked like it always does. My first time with Hermana Hill I felt like a shmo, I got lost and hardly spoke spanish, but this time was great! I know this town like the back of my hand and everyone was home and I know enough spanish that I have no problem taking the lead now. I felt like a pro.
Even when the Lideres Entrenadoras are spending the night at your house, so there are four people who need to shower, you never have to worry about anyone taking all the hot water because they isn´t any hot water anyway.

We taught the Restoration to Louis and I was worried because he usually likes to have lots of evidence from the Bible, but it went really well. He really studied the pamflet before we got there so he basically taught us the lesson! The questions he had were becuase he legitimately had questions, not because he was trying to prove us wrong like most people, so that was nice. We left him a Libro de Mormón and he said he´ll read 3 Nefi 11. I´m really excited about this guy and his family.
We were walking back home to do language study and we saw this guy on the side of the road with a bunch of spray painted baby chicks! They were bright green, pink, and orange! I thought, "Is this for easter or something?" But Hermana Zamora told me that they sell them year around and people buy them fot their kids to play with. Then once they grow and get all ugly they eat it. I really wanted to buy one but the Maual Misional says no pets...
The power went out four times this week.
Friday we got home at four and stayed there the rest of the night, because Zamora got one of her wisdom teeth pulled. So, I did what any bored missionary does after they´ve read their scripture, Jesus the Christ, and a confernce talk, and written in their journal: I watched The District.
I was watching it and I was so grateful I´m here. I really wish I could explain the feeling. I just felt so happy that I still have another year left so that I can become a better missionary. I´m grateful for all the frustration and the heat and the rejection because they build character. They gave the determination that after Edgardo wasn´t home and the familia Cambar wasn´t home and Loudis wasn´t home and it is 95 degrees and I´m hot and I´m dirty, I can take a deep breath, look at Hermana Zamora and say, "Esta bien. Vamos a contactar esa casa."
BTW Holdaway got a DearElder letter that was addressed to the Mexico CCM!! We only left Mexico about four months ago. Esta Bien.

It was a party in the gringo room during conference!! A very reverent party, but a party nontheless. We had nine of us crammed into a closet of a room, it was great! I´ll try to narrow my list of conrence thoughts.
    1. Holland: "Christ like love is the greatest need we have on this planet." I´ve been thinking that for months.
    3. Reeves: "The best filter is a strong tesitmony." You have to stay for from the line, not right up next to it.
    4. Anderson: "You are infinitely more prcious to God than a tree." Thanks, Elder Anderson, I did not know that.
    5. Anderson: "The feeling of the temple is a pattern for how you want to feel in life." Truth. I can´t wait to go to the temple again.
    6. We can´t be neutral about the godpel. You have to be active in brining it into your life.
    7. Uchtdorf: "Commandments are opportunities to exercise out agency and receive blessings." I loved this talk.
    8. Ballard learned to follow up and be persistant on his mission, that´s how he got his wife. You can bet there was latin finger snapping at that point.
    9. Elder Stevens talked all about the Olympics but I didn´t see any of that... awkward. It was stil a realy good talk though. The time is now!
    10. I LOVE BEDNAR!!!!!! All you need is spiritual traction, who knew?
    11. I used to think it was crazy that my entire senior class left on missions! But then Packer told me that his whole senior class left to fight WW2. You win, Packer. "Some lessons cannot be taught, but can be learned."
The gospel is true. Period. Sorry this one was super long. Hope you all had  great conference. I´d love to know what you learned. Have a great week!

Hermana Odekirk

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