Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm not dead yet! Si Hombre

In January everyone told me, "Wait, until March and April when it gets really hot! The Semana Santa is unbearable!" You guys all know me, you know that I love the snow and the cold with ever fiber of my being and that I think the only good thing about summer is that then we get to enjoy it getting cold again. Needless to say, I was terrified for April to come. March came and went and it was hot! But I overcame it. Now, I´m proud to say this week is the Semana Santa and I´m not dead yet! Woo hoo! Everyone exaggerated WAY too much. I was scared of the Honduran heat since I opened that letter from the travel department (not since I opened call ha ha My life is ridiculous), but it really hasn´t been that bad. It will start raining again in May and it will be smooth sailing until my last transfer when it gets hot again.

On Wednesday and Tuesday it was only 23 degrees Celsious. It hasn´t been that cold since January! I wore a cardigan! It was wonderful, but... it make me super baggy. All I wanted to do was come home from class, make some top rammon and watch a movie in my sweatpants. Oh, well. There´s time for that later. It was really great break from the heat, exactly what I needed to keep working.

So, there is the normal sized Preach My Gospel and the mini one. Clearly, the normal one is way too giant, but the mini is too small. Obviously, we need a medium sized PMG and then they can stop making the huge one. The problem is I don´t know who to talk about it to make this dream a reality, so everyone´s homework for this week is to write an apostle and tell them make it happen. Got it? Good.

On Tuesday I thought to myself, "In my email I´m going to write 'Put your hands up if you´ve been on the mission five months and you still don´t understand the subjunctive!'" But I´m pleased to say that I studied it everyday during language study this week and I´m starting to get it! I still think it´s stupid and useless and you could just as easily use the indicative, but I understand it now, so that rocks.

Chicken fighting isn´t illegal here, so one of my investigators showed us all his fighting chickens. He claims it is the sport of kings. Weird. It was pretty sad to know that these chickens are going to die for absolutely no reason. I kept thinking about that Signfeld episode (I can´t remember how to spell that to save my life.) "They´re gonna kill Little Jerry??"

Edgardo and Ramon didn´t get baptized on the 12. Their new goal is the 26. They are couple of 15 year old punk kids who think Church is boring and they don´t want to come. Silly punk kids, no one is too cool for Church. 

I didn´t know until Thursday that you don´t actually have to have two preisthood holders to give a blessing with oil. I suppose it´s a good thing I don´t hold the preisthood since apparently I don´t know the rules.

Baleadas to date: 128

Serving a mission is weird. Everyday is completely different and yet, they are all exactly the same. It is full of highs and lows. I´m learning so much. I'm learning all sorts of deep doctrine and things like that but more imprtantly I have a better understanding of how the gospel affects me personally in my everyday decisions. I know myself better than I ever have before. It´s weird.

I love you guys and I hope you are all doing well. Have a great week. 

Hermana Odekirk

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